2016 Lexus NXStill true to its ideology of "creating amazing" and still influenced by delivering the most advanced and versatile vehicles and technologies, Lexus will one more time break the ice. More correctly, it will ride the ice. What do I mean? Let me explain.

After months of research, experiments and tests the design team managed to find out how ice could be used in place of the usual tires. Now, the team proudly presents its special ice design tires that accompany the Lexus NX vehicle for a rather freezing ride around the London streets.

The project was undertaken by Hamilton Ice Sculptors, the London-based professionals with more than 35 years of experience in producing innovative and large-scale ice figures. And for Lexus team the handy Ice Sculptors used laser-scanned tires and computer-calculated technologies to deliver the ultimate ice tires.

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And along with the computer-based technologies and precise calculations, project like this requires and a skilled human hand and eye for the total success of the project. There were four highly-skilled sculptors that worked for 36 hours to create each of the four wheels. The precision can be seen in each millimeter of the ice sculpture and the fine details surely are not only functional, but are also a special kind of piece of art.

So, how does this thing behave on the road? Check out for yourself!

Source: Nissan