Carbon Motors Range Rover Onyx Concept has the most exquisite interior so far

Carbon Motors are one of our favorite tuners to write about. Not only because they create exclusive one-off projects, but also because they are so diligent in their work, that we can not but only support them with all means. Their latest project involves a Range Rover, which has been already updated on the outside with a unique body kit, delivered by the UK specialists at ONYX.

By the way, the Range Rover, introduced in the 1970s, was named at the Musée du Louvre in Paris "an exemplary work of industrial design" and we can not argue with that. The vehicle has proven quickly that it is literally the ultimate machine for on-road aristocracy.

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Returning to the current topic, the here presented project is actually a masterful work of art when it comes to its interior. The designers and tuners at Carbon Motors made the cabin look contemporary, but still manage to keep the classiness of its shapes and forms.

Carbon Motors Range Rover Onyx Concept interior

Initially, they have made a custom design sketch (the last picture in the gallery), showing an entirely transformed look of the cabin. As a result, the interior is now a combination of special and expensive materials applied with a lot of craftsmanship.

To get into details, the seats are covered with bi-color leather in teak brown and black, contrasted by decorative brown stitching. In addition, the headliner and pillars come in black Alcantara and feature the same decorative stitching. To underlining the strong character of the Range Rover, Carbon Motors decided to coat all trim elements inside with carbon fiber and varnish with scratch resistant cover. Note that even the cup holder has been carbon-fiber coated.

Source: Carbon Motors