2021-Citroen-C5-X-910New Citroën C5 X represents a new direction for the brand and has been specially created to meet the changing customer expectations. The new C5 X blends the modernity and appealing of an SUV, but also the elegance of a saloon and the practicality of a wagon. So, let's see what exactly is going on here, shall we?

Exterior design

The new C5 X's body style is definitely muscular and specially optimized to reduce fuel consumption and streamline a rather menacing profile. The elegance of the body is emphasized by the vehicle's tight volume. The extended bonnet, as well as the high beltline and the rear flare, give this impression of distinction, dynamism, and sturdiness, all well-known among the Citroën large vehicles.

Furthermore, the elongated coupe comes with a sloping roofline and floating aerodynamic spoiler that further enhances the dynamic stance of the new C5 X. All these goodies are topped off with neat LED V-shaped lights.

Frédéric Angibaud, the designer of C5 X, said: "From an SUV, the C5 X has borrowed the "up on the road" look – that raised posture that provides a feeling of protection and sturdiness. The style of its sides and its curves exudes the kind of sturdiness that you find in an SUV". The elongated design of the passenger compartment and the long spoilers located at the rear of the car, as well as everything that has been designed horizontally – such as the extended side windows – are all hallmarks of the saloon".

The vehicle definitely features some SUV cues, such as the raised posture, the 720-mm wheels, and the overall enlarged body with dimensions as follows: 4805mm long and 1865mm wide, while standing at 1485mm high with a 2785mm wheelbase. Drivers are provided with a generous boot volume of up to 545 liters.

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Interior design

Inside, the C5 X welcomes drivers and passengers to a lounge-like space with Advanced Comfort seats, an elegant finish, and tons of utility and infotainment gadgets.

Drivetrain system

The vehicle is available with a neat 225hp plug-in hybrid power unit that delivers zero emissions and can cover a range of up to 34 miles. The model also introduces the Advanced Comfort Active Suspension system.