Lamborghini Egoista was unveiled at the gala Lamborghini's 50th anniversary. It clearly shows that it is a vehicle forged from a passion for innovation and alternative solutions. This Lamborghini is created for only one person who will fully express their personality.

But to be more precise, the Egoista is powered by a 5.2-liter V10 engine. The unit generates 600 horsepower (441 kW). The design team on the other hand chose to create a single-seater vehicle, which pushes all the pure driving pleasure, performance and style of Lamborghini beyond their limits.

In fact, the cockpit is designed like a tailor-made suit for the driver. The inspiration was drawn once again comes from the world of aviation, and in particular the Apache helicopter, where the cockpit can be ejected in an emergency (the same technology is included in this car).

Of course, the cockpit is made entirely of carbon fiber and aluminum. And if one looks closely, they can definitely find similarities with a survival cell, allowing the driver to isolate and protect themselves from external elements.

Furthermore, the exterior is characterized by outstanding and futuristic architecture. The highly muscular structure includes empty and solid areas that fit together with strength and vigor. When looked from the side, this Lamborghini is dominated by the stylized profile of a bull.

In addition, the front wheels deliver a sense of a futuristic dynamism thanks to the highly aggressive lines. The central hull forms a unique section with the cockpit, underlined by the carbon-fiber cover on the front hood.

Moreover, the upper part of the vehicle does not have aerodynamic appendages, but rather flaps integrated in the bodywork profile which acts automatically depending on the driving conditions. At the back, two rear flaps activate automatically at high speeds. They serve in terms of enhancing stability, while a series of air intakes on the back of the engine hood deliver the cooling air flow to the powerful V10 engine.

In contrast to the front, the rear of the vehicle is fully open with the mechanics in view. They minimize the weight of the supercar but also contribute to the aggressive presence of it. Egoista's lights aren't traditional headlights. They are rather LED clearance lights which determine its position in three dimensions.

Two white front lights, two red rear lights, a red flashing light in the upper part of the tail, two orange bull's eyes as side markers, and a further two lights on the roof, red on the left and green on the right, make with even more futuristic presence. Two powerful xenon headlamps are positioned behind the front air intakes at the base of the join between the central body and the two side sections.

The body of the car as well as the rims is made from a special antiradar material. The glass is anti-glare with an orange gradation. In addition, the rims are flat and rough, adorned with carbon-fiber plates in order to enhance their aerodynamics.

The interior of Egoista includes a racing seat with a four-point seatbelt. In order to get out of the vehicle, the driver must remove the steering wheel and rest it on the dashboard, open the dome with an electronic command, stand up in their seat, sit down on a precise point of the left-hand bodywork, then swivel their legs 180 degrees from the inside of the cockpit to the outside of the vehicle.

At last, what is left to be said is that the new Lamborghini Egoista has all the characteristics that are typical for Lamborghini and even takes them a step further. This car is a car for itself, a gift from Lamborghini to Lamborghini, resplendent in its solitude. It undoubtedly promises to deliver pure emotion to those lucky to drive it!

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