fordFord Motor Credit Company today announced more good news for all the Ford lovers. The team created a special car-share program, that will ensure the customers to rent out their vehicle to other drivers. So far, so good. Let's check out what Ford brand has in mind.

The company invited about 12,000 London Ford customers to take place in the scheme, that is expected to give some extra income to owners. In fact, further 14,000 customers in US will also be able to join the car-exchange program.

Now, Ford Credit pushes the innovative minds in the brand to create a highly-efficient and valuable service, that will meet all the demands and requirements of customers. In fact, the brand will work with easyCar Club in London and for the US with Getaround. This means, that all the customers, who want to take part in the exchange programs can search for news in official sites.

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Furthermore, Ford Motor Company also announced, that it will start taking its service orders from the London-based GoDrive car sharing service. This offers flexible and affordable access to plenty of vehicles, available for one-way journeys.

And something more. As you might remember, the brand announced Ford Smart Mobility, which is the solution for leverage technology, that will take technology and connectivity trends to a even higher level. And now the customers will have some wonderful options to share experience with Ford drivers from Germany, India and US. This will also determine which is the best service in global plan. And of course, this all means, that every country is interested in delivering only the best service and support.

So, which are the Ford's experiment projects?

Ford Carsharing in Germany: The first manufacturer nationwide car-sharing program, that includes dealerships has now a grid of dealers and facilities in 67 cities with the incredible 135 locations. In parthership with the well-known Flinkster, the service will also allow Ford's sharing customers to use the Ford Fleet.

Share-Car, Bangalore, India: Here Ford works with Zoomcar, that will test the sharing concepts on Indian land. The idea is to make tests within small groups as co-workers, apartment dwellers and close families. This is expected to help all the people, who cannot afford a vehicle, but still want to try out different car models.

Dynamic Shuttle, New York and London: The program will offer point-to-point pick-up and drop-off on-demand. The project focuses on the better understood social trends and people's thinking about the whole car-sharing project.

The program really looks interesting and innovative. Hopefully all the participants will also be happy from the end result.

Source: Ford