This is a G-Power tuned BMW of the 1001 nights or the so called G6M V10 Hurricane CS Ultimate. There is a hint: the number 1001 not only shows where this car will go, but also says something about the horsepower of the car. Yes, the vehicle will be driven by someone lucky in the United Arab Emirates and they will enjoy its 1001 horsepower output.

There is a story behind this project: the seed of the idea for this car was customer's wish to drive the ultimate BMW sports vehicle. The only prerequisite was to be based on the high-revving V10 and its Formula 1 evocation. So as a basis the tuner has used the M6 E63 over which it applied some substantial modifications.


The exterior of this vehicle has been modified via Hurricane wide body kit made of carbon fiber. It features extended wheel arches, large air intakes and front and rear aerodynamic addenda. At the back, we see ultra-lightweight titanium exhaust system with Racing Kats. It features two centrally positioned 120 mm diameter tailpipes, which also feature Formula 1 style soundtrack.


Behind this wide body kit is the idea of significant power upgrades. Precisely, the 5.0L V10 engine has been thoroughly improved and it now delivers 1001 hp (736 kW) and 900 Nm (664 lb-ft) of torque. The top speed achieved is exhilarating and it is 372 km/h.

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These fantastic numbers have been achieved through the application of G-POWER SK III supercharger system. The uprating process begins with improvement of the cold-air intake system with Ram Air effect ducting, enlargement of the charge air coolers and water and oil coolers. Afterwards the specialists have done an extensive testing of the revised engine control software applications.

Suspension, Wheels & Tires

In terms of suspension, this car gets a comprehensive upgrade that has been track tested and dubbed the G-Power "NÜRBURGRING SETUP". In details, it comprises of a fully adjustable coil-over suspension, which lowers the centre of car's gravity and delivers maximum stability at high speeds.

There are also four-wheel ceramic brakes which utilizes 400 mm vented brake discs. They sit behind the 21-inch Hurricane forged alloys mated with 255/25ZR21 and 295/30ZR21 Michelin tires.


Inside, the car has been wrapped in leather and Alcantara, and also features some carbon detailing. Here we see ‘Diamond-stitch' decoration, leather floor mats, A-, B- and C-pillars and Alcantara headlining featuring decorative stitching.

The race-seats have carbon-fibre backs, the door trim panels bear the G6M Hurricane CS ultimate name, the centre console and parts of the dashboard are made from clear-coated carbon-fibre. Another highlight is the plaque integrated into the roof LED light bar, which carries the name of the owner and also proves that this car is one-off.

At last, the tuners specifically recalibrated the speedometer giving it the capability of reaching 400-km/h.

Source: G-Power