Honda is ready to put a world record with its super-efficient 1.6 i-DTEC engine. The test will put the machine on a 8, 5000 mile drive across 24 EU countries with the single purpose to demonstrate the incredible fuel efficiency.

On the 1st of June this year, a team will drive the Honda Civic Tourer and will go for a special journey, starting from Aalst, Belgium. The team will come back 28 days later and will drive exactly 8, 459 miles.

The rules of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS will make the two drivers Fergal McGrath and Julian Warren sit in the car for about 7.5 kilometers a day in order to drive 370 miles a day. the official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title is "Lowest Fuel Consumption - All 24 contiguous EU countries". Furthermore, the rules require the driving team to enter each of the 24 countries and collect numerous evidences for doing it as  fuel logbooks, GPS readings, vide, photos and more. If the tour happens to be a successful one, every model from the Civic Tourer lineup will be counted as successfully passed the test. Even the hybrid and electric models.

And of course, to ensure accurate monitoring on the track, the car will be geared with a special tracking device, that will provide information about the journey in real-time, so everyone, who is interested in the attempt can easily track the vehicle.

Further requirements are, that the vehicle must be with its stock package and without any further upgrades or tweaks, that will give any advantage over any unrevised model. And to evade some "unfairness", the vehicle will be filled to the max with fuel, every time the team stops to refill.

We wish the team luck and a special occasion for celebration! It will be good for all the Civic drivers out there to know, that they are driving a car, that broke a fuel efficiency record!

Source: Honda