Hyundai is offering a massive £5,035 off the price of the iconic Coupe, bringing its style within the reach of supermini buyers for the first time. This amazing offer makes the 2.0-litre Coupe available for just £12,995 on the road – that's £2,600 less than the first generation of the car cost when it was launched in 1996!

It's also more affordable than humble hatchbacks such as the three-door, 1.4-litre Vauxhall Corsa Design. If that wasn't tempting enough, the Hyundai is also packed with luxuries including leather upholstery, climate control, 17-inch alloy wheels, twin exhausts, cruise control and heated front seats.

For those wanting even more style, the top of the range TSIII version of the Coupe is now available with a discount of £5,220, making it available for just £14,295. With anthracite-finish alloys, quad exhaust tailpipes, a larger boot spoiler, quilted leather sports seats and Eibach sport springs, the TSIII has looks and luxury to rival cars costing twice the price.

Customers wishing to make the most of the scrappage scheme can claim the government's £1,000 allowance in addition to these discounts. Hyundai are officially the UK's number one scrappage manufacturer, with more than 15,000 orders placed at dealers.

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