Health and safety officials should be watching carefully because lo and behold, a Hyundai Genesis can perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation). See that and many more with the car company's ad campaign which is set to take over the Super Bowl for a fifth year with five spots this time.

"Think Fast" is the name of the one we really liked. It features a Genesis Coupe R-Spec riding trough a generic wasteland with two individuals inside it – One venerable passenger who obviously knows a thing or two about success in business and a seemingly bored driver which is rather like a subordinate or a step son. Either way, Mr. Jenson (or Bob, the passenger) unwittingly suffers a heart failure much to the distress of the now in panic Anderson (driver). What follows is evident really. We just want to say that we really liked the idea of utilizing sudden bursts of torque to revitalize the human body. Then again, we also enjoyed watching that comedic duo being thrown around in the cabin as the seat belts obviously did their work just fine. So a point for Hyundai there. We also liked the safety annotation at the 0:15 second mark made to discourage people from actually trying out this stunt... unless they are professional drivers, on a closed road.... or at least with a medical degree.

Other spots include some epic singing, motivational motives, manufacturing insights and cheetahs.  One can see it all on Hyundai's YouTube channel right here

Source: Hyundai