Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell Side ViewHyundai Tucson Fuel Cell has made an achievement which is worth reviewing. The car is so fuel efficient that its California-based drivers have accumulated enough emissions-free miles to reach the lunar surface and return. Well, there were emissions, but they comprise of clean water vapor only.

The trip to the moon and back isn't actually the same every time. If you ask why, this is because it varies with each lunar orbit. Of course, there is an average round-trip distance which is estimated at 477,800 miles.

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Since the introduction of Tucson Fuel Cells in June last year, Hyundai has sold more than 70 examples to the customer from the United States. The car has been also the first mass-produced fuel cell on the market.

A Moon Rock Souvenir from Lunar Visit. Hypothetically.

Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell with Moon Rock Present

But let me tell you more about the "Moon-thing". If such small fleet of only 70 hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles can achieve this mileage and in only few short months, this also signifies that the zero-emissions vehicles have huge potential. We can then only imagine what the future filled with emission-less hydrogen vehicles holds for us.

Precisely, the owners of the Tucson Fuel Sell needed only 240 days to go to the moon. More to that is that they needed 120 days for the return.

But how the precise miles can be estimated so accurately, one might ask. This is because Hyundai service engineers receive periodic mileage updates from Tucson Fuel Cell vehicles in Southern California. Therefore a calculation of the cumulative mileage is possible.

Benefits of Driving a Fuel Cell Vehicle

Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell is an example of a car, which has a lot of advantages over conventional or even other alternative fuel-powered vehicles. Firstly, the hydrogen fuel is capable of covering a range of 265 miles between fill-ups. Secondly, its driving range and vehicle performance are just slightly affected by weather condition, regardless hot or cold.

Third, they are about the same size as the typical gasoline vehicles. At last, fuel cell vehicles are completely production scalable, meaning that they can range from very small to very large vehicles: from sweet minis to trucks.

Oh, and the best thing of all is that they are absolutely environmentally friendly. And eventually the planet can benefit either. Who's voting for more of these? I'm the first one on the list.

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