Infiniti is trying to be as mysterious as possible and keeps up with the teasing in regards to the Infiniti Concept Vision GranTurismo. This time around, there have been released new teaser sketches of the car. Little by little we will get to see this awaited vehicle, but the question is WHEN EXACTLY?

Time is running and our patience is running out too. I really hope the waiting will not be in vain.

This Infiniti is going to be another addition to GranTurismo 6 in a soon-to-be-update. From what we have gathered so far, we can see that the concept is an aerodynamic sports car which is fitted with a ventilated hood, dazzling bodywork and an undoubtedly well-crafted windshield. What is more, the outlines of the car are further complimented by a sleek and flowing roofline as well as the company's trademark C-pillar. Additionally, the car is also equipped with a carbon fiber rear diffuser, a center-mounted exhaust system and a rear wing which kind of reminds me of the shape of a boomerang.

Stay tuned for more is yet to be released. Meanwhile, share what your opinion about the future Infiniti Concept Vision GranTurismo. Expectations up or expectations down?

Source: GranTurismo