2019 JMS Audi A6The current generation of Audi A6, the C8 series, came to the market a year ago and since then it remains one of the most advanced and popular machines in its class. However, engineers at JMS Fahrzeugteile have proven one more time that even the most advanced machines can udergo a notable upgrade procedure.

The upgrade includes an exclusive line spoiler lip, fitted beneath the front spoiler. Especially created to be used with this particular Audi model, the wing is fitted beneath the front spoiler and contributes to this sexy and aggressive appearance. Of course, it does contribute to the overall aerodynamic and stability features of the vehicle – more confident cornering and high-speed handling is guaranteed!

And in order to complete the overall sexy appearance, JMS team has included a set of Tzunamee EVO wheels. These are 9x20-inch rims with dark gunmetal brushed finish and are accompanied by a fine-tuned KW Variant 3 coilover suspension system.

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It is definitely a cool thing to see how a tuning studio precisely knows how to make an outstanding machine even more appealing. What is cool about this project is that it simply builds upon the strong original foundation and doesn't change what is already achieved – the Audi machine is super sexy by itself and it would be a waste to modify it in such a way that it no longer features these notable and expresJMsive lines and curves.