Kia Novo Concept Front and Side ViewIf you think that this Kia was unveiled at the show in New York, you would be wrong. The car is actually making a premiere at the Seoul Motor Show, displaying its coupe proportions and minimalist interior. I actually wish that it was on display in NY instead of the Optima, which has nothing surprisingly new in it. By the way, do expect a review on the Optima in the upcoming hours.

The concept carries the name "Novo", inspired by the Latin word "novatus", literally meaning "innovation". This signifies that the car comes to show us something fresh and new. Let's see about that.

As we can tell from the pictures, the exterior design is typical for Kia. The car is built on company's C-segment global platform that was specifically adapted for this. The sporty stance pf the car is strengthened via the low front overhangs, the longer rear overhangs and fastback roofline.

Kia's trade mark, the "tiger nose", was made wider and more deeply embedded. On its both sides we see slim laser headlamps. Large front wheel arches, consistent shoulder, low triangular exhausts at the back and crisp lines at the rear are features that characterize this car.

Inside, the concept is spacious and focuses on the driver via the long and wide dashboard. A very cool feature is the instrument binnacle that displays important information via a three-dimensional hologram display. There is also a touch pad with fingerprint scanner as well as a wide touchscreen in the centre of the dash.

At last, let's talks about the engine. It is the 1.6-litre T-GDI unit and it is linked to the new seven-speed DCT that transmits the power to the front wheels. What we have as an effect? Great sports performance combined with stunning fuel economy. Or at least Kia says so, since there are no production plans for the Novo Concept. However, this car is definitely an example of the future development directions of the company.

Kia Novo Concept (2015) - picture 1 of 2
Kia Novo Concept (2015) - picture 2 of 2

Source: Kia