2018 Lexus V-Shape Engines Lexus has always featured incredible drivetrain technologies. Recently we have seen incredible vehicles with comprehensive and contemporary engine systems that are definitely worth the check out. In fact, Lexus team has revealed some stuff about their V6 and V8 premium engines. And believe us, there is a lot to be discussed, so stick with us!

First of all, both engines are offered with advanced technologies, influenced by the demands of pure motorsport spirit. And as we are talking about motorsport, we should also mention that all these V6 and V8 systems are track compliant. Sweet, right?

2018 Lexus V-Shape Engines

As you know, there are these V-type engines that adopt robust building technology and aluminum-alloy engine block – this is the preferred method by engineers at Lexus for ensuring high performance and durability and reducing noise and vibration to the minimum.

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Furthermore, all V6 and V8 engines, produced by Lexus have been engineered by using modern applications and modifications. For example, the V-type engines are arranged by placing two rows of cylinders, angled 60-degrees while the cylinders in the V8 version are angled at 90-degrees, which ensures compact packaging and maximum power and fuel efficiency. Also, there is a detail that still impresses engineers – the crankshaft at the bottom of the V rotates in main bearings secured into the engine block by numerous bearing caps – four for the V6 and five for the V8 engines. Sweet!

2018 Lexus V-Shape Engines

 Source: Lexus