2018 Toyota GT86 Blue EditionToyota reveals GT86 Blue Edition – it is part of the so-called Club Series and focuses on styling and performance. Also, the design team has decided to gear this bad boy with numerous exclusive components and offer some exterior goodies that would be available only for this particular model. So, let's check it out!

The first notable feature of the new Blue Edition is the color – Electric Blue (you don't say!) is dominating the whole body, while small black components are painted in glossy black finish – perfect contrasting color, right? Such are the front grille, rear spoiler and diffuser, door mirror housings and front fog light surrounds. On the other hand, driver and passengers will enjoy a cozy and comfortable ride in classy interior with numerous black leather and Alcantara-covered components.

2018 Toyota GT86 Blue Edition

There is also a special Performance Pack that offers more agile ride, thanks to the introduction of Sachs-tuned suspension fine-tuning, Sachs Performance dampers and Brembo brakes – what is special about these brakes is that they not only contribute to better control and stopping power, but also offer improved pedal feel. And there is neat visual update: the red Brembo calipers and these neat eye-catching 17-inch black alloy wheels. Sweet!

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In terms of performance rates, Blue Edition does not disappoint. The vehicle comes with revised chassis with low center of gravity and low-set driving position. And remaining true to its sporty nature, it features a front-mounted power unit – it is a 197hp 2.0-liter boxer four-cylinder unit with rear-wheel drive. However, it is up to customers to specify the drivetrain system with either manual or automatic gearbox with six speeds. This whole system offers some pretty good performance rates: the vehicle offers a top speed of 252km/h (234km/h for the automatic gearbox version) and quick 0 to 100km/h sprint, measured at 7.7 seconds and 8.4 seconds for the automatic option.

2018 Toyota GT86 Blue Edition

2018 Toyota GT86 Blue Edition

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