Another teaser for the day comes from the Canadian manufacturer Magnum Cars, but this time in video form. The racecar specialists are going to introduce to the automotive world very soon a new lightweight supercar.

The veil will be lifted on 30th of October, when the high performance two-seater supercar, named the Magnum MK5 will show its full glory. What has been revealed so far is that the vehicle will be both street-legal and track-focused.

The development of the MK5 went through thorough and extensive track testing. With this project, the brand is hoping to enter a new segment of the specialized automotive world and to deliver to the customers stronger vision and focus towards future innovations.

In fact, Magnum Cars is the first Canadian car manufacturer which is to hit the international track-day car market. Boasting racecar performance and supercar build quality and styling, the MK5 is expected to take the lead in the lightweight supercar category thanks to the utilization of the latest technologies, techniques and material.

Video Source: Vimeo

Source: Magnum Cars