2018 MANHART BMW MH550MANHART Performance has finally made a step forward. As you might remember, the tuning team has already revealed an impressive MH4 550, based on the BMW M4 F82 and now the time is right to showcase its latest project: MH4 550. Taking technology and refinement even further, we do witnes a rather incredible machine.


We will get straightforward to the drivetrain system. To be honest, the power unit is not that different from the predecessor model: a 3.0-liter S55 Biturbo with additional 119hp and comprehensive software remapping. This means that the MH4 produces the massive 550hp and 82Nm of torue. Sweet, right?


Furthermore, MH4 benefits from new and exclusive exhaust system with catless downpipe, new MANHART muffler and a KW variant 3 coilover suspension. This system allows the vehicle to be lowered as possible and at the same time ensures stability and confidence even in the most challenging turns and track curves.

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In terms of exterior styling, MANHART has also scored points. The white body is elegantly enhanced by familiar bright red stripes and red M-Performance wheels. Also, both front spoiler and rear diffuser are made of glossy carbon and resemble the new carbon-fiber mirror caps. Furthermore, MANHART has included a massive carbon-fiber rear spoiler and super-cool read side blades. Neat!


Of course, in MANHART manner, the interior won't let anyone down either. The red roll cage is placed where the rear seats once were and resemble the exterior color scheme. Of course, there is no clue form the original front seats – they are replaced by Recaro bucket seats and wrapped in red leather. There is also a special M-Performance alcantara steering wheel with shift indicators and carbon covers. Sweet, isn't it?

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