Mazda Sports Car Concept TeaserMazda Sports Car Concept will have a world premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show happening in the end of October. It will be accompanied by cars like the recently revealed Mazda KOERU and Cosmo Sport 110. With this concept vehicle the company is stressing on the driving joy that its cars deliver, and this is additionally emphasized through the slogan "Accelerate toward our dreams".

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Mazda Sports Car Concept

Although, Mazda released only a teaser image, which is darkened and does not show much, it is visible that the concept car features modern look that has kept carmaker's lineage. As a matter of fact, the designers strove to condense the company's sports car history to as great extent as possible into this vehicle.

Visit Mazda's Stand

In addition, at Mazda's stand the visitors will also see a special motor-sport exhibition that will feature two racing Mazda MX-5s. What is more, company's first rotary powered mass-production model, 1967 Mazda Cosmo Sport 110S, will also be on display, just like the Frankfurt-premiered Mazda KOERU. The newest SUV will have its Japanese premiere at the show.

Another regular feature of the Motor Show in Tokyo is the SMART MOBILITY CITY. It will present safety technologies such as its innovative human machine interface, omnidirectional sensing concept, and systems developed according to the Mazda Proactive Safety philosophy.

Tokyo Motor Show starts on 28th of October. We do expect the newest Mazda concept to be revealed days before that. Stay tuned.

Source: Mazda