2015 Mazda KOERU ConceptMazda has done its best to add to the award-winning KODO - Soul of Motion design idea with the demonstration of Mazda KOERU today at the 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show. The latest crossover SUV concept is expected to be a major influence for the fast-growing SUV arena.

Vehicle's stylish eyes, low cabin and substantial width on 21-inch wheels create confident and stylish presence with a premium level of refinement of the exterior and the interior. The enhanced KODO lines deliver some incredible aerodynamics while the SKYACTIV Technology delivers efficient and driver-oriented powertrains and suspension as well rigid body and further-upgraded handling.

2015 Mazda KOERU Concept

Mazda's participation at the Frankfurt Show today also features and the latest Mazda MX-5 roadster with additional features and accessories. The vehicle met the audience with a space age boot-lid mounted luggage carrier in a solid light weight carbon-fiber construction. And to finish the stylish affair, Mazda team geared the MX-5 with 17-inch alloy wheels in an asymmetrical diamond-cut look.

Furthermore, the Japanese manufacturer's complete new-gen model lineup is of course on hand, with addition of the latest Mazda CX-3. Let us remind you that this vehicle demonstrated bold and yet effective solutions in the B-SUV segment.

2015 Mazda KOERU Concept

So, along with numerous more brands, Mazda confidently demonstrates what it has in mind for the future.

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