2020 Mazda3 Mazda3 won the 2020 World Car Design of the Year award, one of the special awards of the World Car Awards (WCA). New Mazda3 is the brand's second vehicle that was given the prestigious recognition, following the success of Mazda MX-5 back in 2016.

In order to deliver us the most advanced vehicle in the lineup, Mazda3 adopts the matured Kodo design, which has received its own admiration and recognition. By taking inspiration from Japanese aesthetics, Mazda adopted this minimalistic approach and stripped away the superfluous elements from the car's form. As expected, such an approach results in a unique design that creates subtle undulations of light and shadow gliding over the vehicle's smooth body, crafting a natural and powerful expression of vitality.

Mazda marks 100 years of existence this year, during which the brand has always built vehicles that not only impress with neat styling but also push the boundaries of conventional engineering solutions. It is no doubt that the brand is not only a worthy contestant but also a worthy winner of the award.

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As it comes to the award itself, World Car of the Year event was established in 2004 by an international group of automotive journalists. This year's judging panel consists of 86 journalists from over 25 countries.

Source: Mazda