Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code Concept is a vehicle study from Asia an intended for Asia. The car was revealed at the opening of the new Product Engineering Centre in Beijing. The Sports Utility Coupé (SUC) is so strange and versatile that it probably aims to show the evolutionary design possibilities for Mercedes‑Benz. The car is fitted with dynamically flowing greenhouse and has sporty proportions, extensive assistance and camera systems as well as the variable plug-in hybrid drive system.

The G-Code, which is a 2+2 seater, features wide range of technical innovations. It measures about 4.10 metres in length and has counter-opening doors. Its muscular appearance is strengthened by the 21-inch aluminium wheels with delicate carbon-fibre spokes.

And if you think that this SUC features a conventional louvred grille, then you are wrong. The central trademark star and the two chrome louvres in the radiator are surrounded by a continuous display. The engine is cooled via air deflection though the apertures in the side and at the bottom of the front.

The innovative grille is complemented by two full-LEDs. If they are switched on, they extend from the depth of the headlamp and focus the light in line with the driving and traffic situation. Furthermore, two cameras replace the classic rear-view mirrors and retract flush into the A-pillars after the G-Code is parked. An LED light strip across the entire rear is used by the turn indicators, tail lights, and brake lights.

Inside there is space for four. When the counter-opening doors open, the G-Code offers unrestricted access for everyone. The steering wheel rests in the instrument panel, unfolds like a butterfly. The wide multi-information-screen display spans almost the entire width of the instrument panel offering an ease of access of the multimedia functions.

Driver assistance systems haven't been spared here: 360-degree monitoring of the surroundings via 3D cameras, radar, infra-red scanner and GPS data, are all here. The interior of the G-Code is decided in striking contrast between dark and light areas.

The black components such as the dirt-resistant floor covering or the carbon-fibre seat structure are supposed to visualise stability, durability or utility. On the other hand, the white interior components (soft leather upholstery on seats and armrests) exude comfort and wellness.

More importantly, the power of this Mercedes comes two individually controlled units. The first one is positioned at the front and it is a turbocharged combustion engine, which runs on hydrogen and solely drives the front wheels. The second is the electric motor which drives the rear axle and transmits its power selectively to the two wheels via a dual multi-disc clutch.

In addition to the classic energy intake, here power is supplied via the high-tech "multi-voltaic silver" paint finish. It acts like a giant solar cell and is also electrostatically charged by the relative wind or by the natural wind. But this is not all: the special "power on the move" suspension aids in the generation of electricity.

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