Four Beetle Concepts Shown in NYNot one but four Beetle concept cars are debuting at the New York Auto Show today. The iconic Volkswagen is represented via two unique coupe variants and two cabrio versions. Precisely the first two are called Concept R-Line and Pink Edition, while the open top versions are Cabriolet Denim and Wave.

As the name suggest, blue has been chosen for the Denim convertible concept. In fact, the In ‘Stonewashed Blue Metallic' has been combined with a soft top that also comes in the same hue but it is significantly darker. This reminds me of the most popular trousers in the world (jeans) given that even the fabric of which the top is made recalls jeans' texture.

Another interesting historical fact is that back in 1970 the world saw the debut of the first ‘Jeans Bug' that carried the same denim theme. There were two other versions of the model that followed in 1980s and 1990s.

In contrast, the Wave concept comes painted in ‘Habanero Orange Metallic'. This specific color expresses the American spirit on the East and West coast beaches in North America. The spirit can be also felt when one steps inside the car, where fabric patterns from the 50s and 60s served for an inspiration for the design of the centre seat panels. In addition, the car also sports a genuine wood dashpad which comes in a surfboard style.

Ladies beware! There are no excuses for not owning a Beetle anymore, because Volkswagen has also released the Beetle Pink Edition in ‘Fuschine Metallic' paint scheme. It is very stylish and sweet. And despite the expectations that the interior will have the same color, it has elements in black, chrome and aluminium.

At last, the R-Line concept is what comes to defend the sportive attitude of the Beetle. It is driven by a 2.0-litre TSI engine which boasts 220 hp (162 kW). This one is painted in a color called ‘Oryx White Pearl Effect', but has more to that to impress with. Take for instance the independent bumpers and the black wrap-around body paneling. Black was also the choice for the diffuser and a large rear spoiler. The sportiness is continued inside via the sport bucket seats and leather-carbon look highlights.

In this range of concepts Volkswagen has literally offered a color for the most capricious taste. The question is: which one suits you the best?

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