A new exciting project has just gone live and its name is Petrolicious. The web platform will focus on high quality content for vintage cars and the people working behind the project are promising some great stuff coming down the line.

A new video will air once a week starting with the one below named "Man of Morgan". The story it tells is about Derek Wilburn of Long Beach, California, who is a collector of many things and of Morgan's history.

In fact you will see in the footage that his house and garage hold enough intriguing items. Definitely this is the vintage shopper's paradise, filled with antiques, bicycles, and other. However the true passion of Wilburn is the Morgans (I can relate to this pretty well).

Building and restoring the automobiles has been something which happened in his everyday life since childhood. You can literally see Derek's joy when he talks about Morgans!

Video Source: Vimeo