Ivan Jaramillo is the main character in the latest video of Petrolicious, besides his Nissan Skylines of course. For him driving is all about exhilaration and appreciating the moment. In fact, when he is in one of his Skylines he leaves all the problems aside and all that he does is to "feel" the driving excitement.

An important part of the experience is also listening to the car and the sound of the engine. And as a matter of fact Ivan says that there isn't anything else in the world that can be compared with their sound.

Another benefit of owning such cars is that it draws people's attention, and even if they don't know anything about it still provokes excitement of seeing it. The aggressive exterior design undoubtedly contributes towards this.

In other words, everything resolves around the passion, depth, and love that this man has for its Skylines. This video portrays the enthusiasm and adoration which these remarkable cars create. But enough talk, check it out for yourself!

Video Source: Petrolicious via Vimeo