When you think about which car is one of the most famous and emblematic one in history you will definitely ponder on at least five models. What is also certain is that among them will be the iconic Volkswagen Beetle. One of the best words to describe this vehicle is "ubiquitous".

The model entered production in 1935 and since then from it were produced over 21 million units. With almost 80 years old history the Beetle continues to be as successful as in its days of fame. Although it remained mostly unpopular with its original name - Volkswagen Type 1, the Beetle remains the longest-running and most manufactured car of a single design platform.

Despite the fact that so many cars of this Volkswagen model were produced, it is still extremely hard to find two Beetles that are customized in the same way. The idea of endless customization is probably what endears so many to model, or perhaps it is that behind these cars there are no two owners alike. This basically means that behind every one of it there is a story.

In the video below, the fellows from Petrolicious show exactly this: the story of Stephan Ruiz and his Beetle. After many mishaps involving stolen, burned, and wrecked Beetles, he has eventually found his personal Beetle. Clean is the best word to describe this one-year-only 1967 Beetle, and Stephan wants to keep it that way.

Source: Petrolicious