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what it takes to have a life-long passion for vintage bentleys. petrolicious answers [w/video]

What it takes to have a life-long passion for vintage Bentleys. Petrolicious answers [w/video]

William Medcalf is a world-renowned vintage Bentley specialist, who has been a subject of this featured video. The film experts at Petrolicious created an evocative film, which perfectly captures the spirit of Medcalf and gives hint into what drives his passion for vintage Bentleys. At the same time, we are sure that it would be the most beautiful video you have watched lately. With its fantastic cinematography (nods to the photographer/s) it not only pleases the senses, but also entertains the

petrolicious: ferrari 512 bbi is a piece of art [video]

Petrolicious: Ferrari 512 BBi Is A Piece of Art [VIDEO]

Everyone gets always excited when they hear the word Ferrari. It carries some special magic in itself and makes us dreaming about the exquisite models of the Italian brand. Maybe you have heard about Holger Schubert and his office/garage. In fact, he has made his living place an exhibition hall in which the pieces of art are vehicles. In this current Petrolicious video we are to see how one of his cars – namely the Ferrari 512 BBi is taking a central part in the interior of the house. For

petrolicious: the last of the breed [video]

Petrolicious: The Last Of The Breed [VIDEO]

Owning one of the rarest cars on earth is more than a privilege. The 1974 Jaguar XK-E in this video is literally the last of its breed, being the 60th from last produced. The proud person who drives this Jaguar is David Paddison, who immediately fell in love when he saw it. And this is the basic line of the story of Petrolicious's latest video. Paddison didn't grow up in a car-loving family, instead he developed his passion for cars with his friends with whom he grew up racing slot cars befo

petrolicious: volkswagen beetle - kindred spirits [video]

Petrolicious: Volkswagen Beetle - Kindred Spirits [VIDEO]

When you think about which car is one of the most famous and emblematic one in history you will definitely ponder on at least five models. What is also certain is that among them will be the iconic Volkswagen Beetle. One of the best words to describe this vehicle is “ubiquitous”. The model entered production in 1935 and since then from it were produced over 21 million units. With almost 80 years old history the Beetle continues to be as successful as in its days of fame. Although it remained

petrolicious: never enough alfa [video]

Petrolicious: Never Enough Alfa [VIDEO]

The team at Petrolicious has just released their latest project showing the 1972 Alfa Romeo Berlina and the story of its owner – the Alfa Romeo collector Manuel Leon Minassian. He prefers cars that leave him with satisfaction and joy and this is why he often buys cars that have been neglected or are unwanted by the average buyer, and he is extremely picky as to how he will bring them back to life. In the video below you can hear and see his story and how he has bought and sold countless amoun

petrolicious: the testarossa presence [video]

Petrolicious: The Testarossa Presence [VIDEO]

Ferrari Testarossa debuted back in 1984 at Paris Auto Show when it made a great furore. This sports car was the successor to the famous Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer. The Testarossa was equipped with twelve-cylinder mid-engine and the model was produced from 1992 to 1996. Despite the high price and the exotic design, this Ferrari was produced in over 10 000 units, making it one of the most common Ferrari models. The two-door coupe with a fixed roof had the power fed through the wheels from a rear

petrolicious: restless maserati merak ss [video]

Petrolicious: Restless Maserati Merak SS [VIDEO]

Back in 1976 Maserati introduced the model Merak SS. It was created to fight the Ferrari 308 and Lamborghini Urraco, hence the vehicle had to be super-stylish, include great aerodynamics and offer stunning amount of power. The aerodynamically enhanced vehicle generated a power of 217 hp (162 kW) and had a dry weight of 1,400 kg (3,086 lb). The production of the SS stopped in 1982. Driving such car must be very personal and intimate experience, allowing one to taste the swell of freedom and en

petrolicious: the caretaker [video]

Petrolicious: The Caretaker [VIDEO]

Andy Greene's Sports and Vintage Race Cars is a special kind of a place. Why? Because it is literally the haven for vintage vehicles, where they are maintained and brought back to life. The first video for the year by Petrolicious, presents the unique story of Andy Green, whose passion for all types of classic cars brought him to complete dedication to them. As a matter of fact, his greatest love is for the Ferrari marque and for this reason he has specialized in it for over three decades.

petrolicious: time machine [video]

Petrolicious: Time Machine [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered what a car’s life would be like? Of course, I don’t expect from you a positive answer, but just a rising interest of what it is all about. If I have done this, then you should definitely watch this video, where the fellows from Petrolicious follow one Peugeot through its circle of life. The video below tells the story of Venisio Pagani from Cortona, who’s passion is to restore old cars that have history and stand out from the crowd immediately. He shows a Peugeot which

petrolicious: napa valley roadsters [video]

Petrolicious: Napa Valley Roadsters [VIDEO]

Napa Valley, Callifornia: fields full of grape vines, sun is constantly shining and birds are literally singing all the time. Sound like the place for the perfect vacation and it undoubtedly is. However, it is also the place where there is a community of people who are keen on vintage automobiles. More importantly, they help one another with everything that concerns the parts and maintenance of those vehicles. On the spot this time, through the lenses of the professionals from Petrolicious ar

petrolicious: san francisco skyline [video]

Petrolicious: San Francisco Skyline [VIDEO]

Ivan Jaramillo is the main character in the latest video of Petrolicious, besides his Nissan Skylines of course. For him driving is all about exhilaration and appreciating the moment. In fact, when he is in one of his Skylines he leaves all the problems aside and all that he does is to “feel” the driving excitement. An important part of the experience is also listening to the car and the sound of the engine. And as a matter of fact Ivan says that there isn’t anything else in the world that ca

petrolicious: mercedes-benz 220se and family history [video]

Petrolicious: Mercedes-Benz 220SE and Family History [VIDEO]

A strange family tradition was inherited in Mark Markoff’s family, since his father – Don, had a very unusual and yet one of the best hobbies – to collect valuable cars. One such example is the 1960 Mercedes-Benz 220SE, which Don bought for the mother of Mark in 1963. Back then the Mercedes was pricing was $3100 – an amount of money, which today we can barely imagine giving for a new car. Nevertheless, back in the days this was a lot of money and only a few could drive beauties like this conv