2015 PEUGEOT 308A fresh new combined TV/Radio/ Press/Outdoor and Social media campaign has been created by PEUGEOT UK in order to promote the confidence of its customers. Fully justified with tons of product attributes, the campaign will go on under a core "Built In" messaging  and will encourage customers to take a closer look, as PEUGEOT has the confidence in its product that makes them worthy of scrutiny.

The campaign also promotes the award-winning PEUGEOT 308 in GT Line specification. Launched back in 2015, this vehicle caught the eye of customers and critics with its highly efficient drivetrain system, elegant design and cozy and functional design.

The central piece of this campaign is a TV ad that challenges potential buyers to consider the 308 and PEUGEOT brand in general for a rather useful one. Filmed in Scotland, the advert has been produced by experienced UK team.

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The overall vision for this campaign is to challenge prospective buyers on how should they choose their new vehicle. By highlighting key product attributes, PEUGEOT team insist on that beauty is in the details. With stunning driving footage and new photography PEUGEOT shows elegance, beauty and most importantly, confidence.

There are two versions: a 30-secon one plus an extended 60-second video with greater details. And here they are: