2021 Polestar 2Polestar 2 has been awarded "Best of the Best" by Red Dot in the internationally renowned contest Product Design category. The recognition is given to "ground-breaking design" and the top prize in the highly contested category.

Entries are judged by a panel of 50 experts who test, view, and evaluate each submission individually. Winners are judged in nine criteria, including the degree of innovation, functionality, durability, and ergonomics.

In the vast history of Red Dot's design event, this year saw a record number of submissions from corporate and design studios. Finally, the Swedish electric performance brand took the prestigious award home, managing to outshine contestants from 60 countries.

As it comes to the vehicle itself, Polestar 2 was launched in 2020 as a high-end five-door all-electric fastback. It embodies the brand's design philosophy of refinement and elegance. Some of the most notable features are vegan interior with progressive textiles, with adaptive brightness from 288 LEDs, unique Polestar symbol reflected into the glass roof above the front occupants, and more.

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In the last year's edition of the event, Polestar won Brand of the Year, Best of the Best, and a Red Dot for the Polestar 2 design.