Porsche has won the legendary Le Mans 24-Hours race for 2015 season. And now they are back since their last victory back in 1998. The drivers in the victorious Porsche #19 were indeed the Formula 1 celebrity Nico Hülkenberg, Nick Tendy and Earl Bamber. They demonstrated the best time in the 395 laps and were able to finish first among all other competitors.

The #19, that started from the third position achieved some incredible positions throughout the night time and scored some incredible results with Hülkenberg and Tandy. In fact, they managed to get onto the first positions after some technical issues made the vehicle get out of the road for some time.

But after the issues Bamber got behind the wheel and managed to get rid of Audi drivers in the early hours of the day, after Audi drivers had to make numerous stops. This allowed Porsche team to get a sort of double victory, after #17 finished at second place.

In fact, last on the hall of fame stepped the Audi #7 drivers, who battled with Porsche #19 throughout the night, but some technical difficulties made them stop for revisions, which is the reason why Audi pilots had to step on the third position.

In fact, Audi #8 crossed the finish line on fourth position, while Porsche #18 made it on the fifth position and after that Toyota #2, Audi #9 and Toyota #1 followed.

We all hope, that this is only the start of a great occasions for celebrations for Porsche team!


Source: Porsche