Аs you know, Scion expands its lineup with the wonderful and affordable 2016 iM and the striking, also on an incredible price, 2016 iA model. The iA sedan comes with a versatile Pre-collision safety system and a multi-media panel with a 7-inch display. Both brothers, the iM and iA models are here to show everyone, that a vehicle can be affordable and trustworthy at the same time.

The basic components and tweaks, that make the iA sedan so interesting are the high-strength body, a high-compression 1.5 liter engine, that brings a total of 106 hp (77kW), a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic gearbox and a fuel efficiency with ratings at 33 city MPG.

The 2016 Scion models show well-known visuals, which include the sharp-looking headlights and the hexagon-shaped grille. The sport look is further shaped by the black bumper treatment, chrome surround and tailpipe. Other improvements include the extra-light transmission system and a low friction with a shortened stroke. In fact, the automatic gearbox system brings more direct shift and even higher efficiency of fuel consumption.

The front and back suspension units are finely tuned to deliver a well-calculated mix of comfortable driving and a sporty handling. The steering system also had its attention: with the precise hands of the team, you get a light feel, but a fast response, when it comes to steering. All this comes, as expected, with an incredible safety system. You get great amount of airbags and the Low-speed Pre-collision system. A trustworthy saving-life system that hopefully no one will ever use.

The interior comes with premium chrome details, comfortable panel and superior seats. You will enjoy the 7-inch display, the touch screen and the audio system with a total of 6 speakers. We promise. And if you look options for further customization, you have found the right vehicle.

The Scion team offers a wide range of accessories, packs and paint job, so there isn't something, that you will miss in the Scion iA sedan.

Source: Scion