2020 SKODA Octavia2020 marks the arrival of the fourth-generation Octavia – a fully revised model that is set to continue its role as the main driving force at the heart of SKODA. Ahead of its debut, the Czech manufacturer releases a new set of images and some details about the new family member. Let's find out more, shall we?

Just like its practical sibling, the new Octavia hatch is bigger and wider and comes with an extended list of technology features. In addition to the ample space and advanced safety technologies, the vehicle also has a larger boot and reveals SKODA's latest design concept.

New Octavia is 19mm longer and 15mm wider than its predecessor, while the boot volume is increased by 10 liters to a total of 600 liters. The front apron and the razor-sharp and narrow headlights feature new LED technology for both low and high beam. Furthermore, the vehicle features exclusive alloy wheels up to 19 inches that give the Octavia hatch a powerful appearance. Additionally, customers can specify their vehicle with Crystal Black, Petrol Blue, and Titan Blue body finishes – these are the newly added colors to the already rich palette.

2020 SKODA Octavia

In terms of interior, new Octavia offers a new two-spoke steering wheel that can be heated as an option. It comes with tons of controls and buttons, all along with knurled scroll wheels which allow drivers to operate a total of 14 different functions without removing their hands. Additionally, the modular dashboard has been revised and now is larger and offers even more functions. At the same time, the central console is upgraded with some chrome details – as are the new door trims and handles. New and soft materials lend the interior a premium look, which is further enhanced with new LED ambient lightning, which indirectly illuminates the front doors, dashboard, and footwells.

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The entire Octavia range mimics this of the estate and is offered in three special First Edition trim levels, each with three engine options.

2020 SKODA Octavia

Stick with us for further details!

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