Switzer Performance, the Ohio-based engineering expert has amazed the tuning scene once again with its latest development, the ultra-powerful Switzer E900. As we can suggest from the name, this amazingly-potent Godzilla ride produces 900 horsepower, an extra kick of 100 horses in comparison with its renowned brother – Switzer P800. This greater performance level is achieved via a special transmission developed by Switzer in co-operation with Dodson Motorsports.

Tim Switzer shares: "The P800 is already at the limit of what we feel comfortable for the stock GTR transmission. So to go further we really needed to beef up the transmission. We contacted Dodson Motorsports in New Zealand and explained what our goals were with the car - 900 hp, more clutch area, ad smooth shifting at every speed. The new transmission is the product of several months' co-development between Switzer and Dodson, and is exactly what we needed in order to start pushing the GTR forward beyond 800 hp."

Despite of its monstrous power, the newly-engineered E900 GT-R also shows a bit of environmental responsibility, thanks to fact that it is running on E85 (Ethanol fuel) instead of petrol.

In the terms of aerodynamics, the Switzer E900 benefits from Amuse carbon fiber body kit, 3-way adjustable suspension unit and a set of 20-inch BBS lightweight alloys fitted in sports tires.