Nissan has just announced the introduction of its next-generation vehicle engineering concept. It carries the name Nissan Common Module Family (CMF) and it is going to be featured in vehicles in 2013. The innovative CMF technology combines modular engineering with Nissan's own engineering technologies, in areas such as simulation and variation engineering  and simplicity. With the development of CMF, Nissan expects to raise the popularity of its products and thereby significantly expand sales volume. Since a long time already has Nissan been promoting vehicle platform communization. It started with several vehicle variations derived from a single platform. As a result, this has become critical to achieving the rapid improvements in products, which is necessary for a company to survive in the competitive market. Nissan is aware that each new vehicle that is developed must include distinctive characteristics, improved fuel economy, passenger safety and IT features, and the rapid application of the latest technologies into the development process. It is important now that volume efficiencies must be achieved with the help and use of common vehicle structures, components and parts. Up to now, it was difficult to balance such contrasting elements. However, Nissan is fully embracing these challenges and implementing its next-generation "Nissan CMF" vehicle engineering strategy.

[caption id="attachment_42321" align="alignnone" width="644" caption=""Nissan CMF" Next-Generation Vehicle Engineering "4+1 Big Module Concept""]"Nissan CMF" Next-Generation Vehicle Engineering "4+1 Big Module Concept"

In details, the application of Nissan CMF determines the use of four modules - engine compartment, cockpit, front underbody and rear underbody - as well as the architecture for electronic components, with each module having appropriate variations. What is important here is that vehicles are designed by combining these modules in different ways. Hence, all this results in variety of vehicles, depending on the module configuration: from compacts, large-sized vehicles through to tall SUVs. All of them can be efficiently designed.

Nissan brand made a committement to introducing 90 new technologies by 2016 and Nissan CMF is one of them. It will enable commonization that transcends vehicle segments, efficiency, and make the application of attractive new technologies across several models.

Source: Nissan