The car Toyota fans have been waiting for is finally here. The GT 86 was announced to a lot of hype way back in 2009 at the Tokyo Motor Show, and since then the Japanese automaker (in partnership with Subaru) has kept us cooling our heels waiting to drive its fastest accelerating sports car.

Hailed for its incredible 1239kg weight, the GT 86 still manages to pack a powerhouse under the hood. Equipped with the Toyota Subaru "D-4S" boxer engine, which is a 2.0-litre engine that accelerates from 0 to 62 in 7.7 seconds, the Toyota also has plenty of cruising speed, reaching up to 137mph. Although it probably won't win awards for its powertrain, the GT86's performance is totally satisfactory considering its visual appeal and trappings.

Built to classic coupe proportions, this Toyota has a long bonnet and low roofline, with sporty touches like the tailgate spoiler, twin-exit exhausts and contoured roofline. Taking design cues from the earlier FT-HS concept, which was a hybrid sports car concept released in 2007, the GT 86 certainly looks the part of an aerodynamic behemoth.

With the nickname of 2+2, and despite its "impressively comfortable" front seats, there's also a little legroom in the back for passengers, although it's probably a better fit for kids. Standard interior features are impressive and include dual-zone air-conditioning, leather wrapping on the steering wheel and gear lever, keyless entry and dash-mounted touchscreen with navigation and entertainment.

The Coupe car joins a line-up of eco-friendly cars this year that includes the Prius Plug-in, the Prius+ and the Yaris hybrid, all of which are set to hit showrooms sometime from mid-2012.