Commenting on the economy last week, Bank of England governor Mervyn King said the nice decade is behind us. But in terms of low-cost, sustainable motoring, NICE is very much the way forward.

Industry heavyweight Carlos Ghosn recently joined government adviser Julia King in pointing to electric cars as the route to sustainable motoring. London's NICE car company, launched at the 2006 British Motor Show, agrees. And it has all-electric cars on sale today.

"The NICE decade is just beginning for electric vehicles," said co-founder Evert Geurtsen. "Even in the midst of a credit crunch and with soaring prices, NICE car owners are laughing. No congestion charge, no road tax, parking concessions and 2p per mile motoring. It doesn't get much nicer than that."

NICE car (2006) - picture 1 of 2
NICE car (2006) - picture 2 of 2

While the financial benefits of owning cars like the NICE Mega City are clear, saving money is far from the only reason to own one:

The cars are small and stylish
They emit no CO2, no NOX and no CO (carbon monoxide). In fact, there's no tailpipe at all!
Low noise and the cars are easy to park
They are voluntarily crash tested, for front, side and rear impacts
They are nearly 100% recyclable
For the first time, NICE Car Company is taking part in SMMT's Test Day. As well as bringing one of its current Mega City models for test on Millbrook's city route, the company will be showcasing the Super Light Electric Sport Car.

This research project was developed in partnership with Cranfield's power and drive systems group, based in Shrivenham. Featuring striking gull-wing doors, it was designed around a carbon fibre cell, with advanced electronics replacing traditional mechanical assemblies.

"This is not a production car, but it does show what is possible when design starts from the principle of electric-drive upwards," added Geurtsen, an engineer by trade. "When integrated with advanced, lightweight materials, the benefits of this approach become very clear."

The Super Light Electric Sport Car will follow Test Day with a starring role in the electric car pavilion at this year's London Motor Show. NICE Car Company will also have a stand at the event. This will showcase a new stylish face for the Mega City car, as well as a host of brand new electric models from the company. More details will be announced closer to the event.