Toyota have released some teasers about their latest concept – the FT-Bh which actually means Future Toyota B-segment hybrid. It will be an ultralight supermini, built with clever materials and run by clever technology for the greater good of society.

It is said to weigh no more than 800 kg yet it will be a 5-door. So that leaves around 50 kg for all the other parts (Im not much good at maths). Anyway. One would expect it to be green considering the lightness and the hybrid genes inside and one would be right – 50% less CO2 emissions than a modern 5-door counterpart.

The FT-Bh will also make use of some industry friendly materials for its made. In other words, no animal lives will be sacrificed for the interior, no mahogany will be lacquered for the panels and no liquid gold paint will be wasted on the brake calipers. In fact even the drivetrain will be optimized, or more accurately – downsized.

The FT-Bh is scheduled for a reveal at the 82nd Geneva Motor Show on the 6th of March, early in the morning.

Toyota FT-Bh Concept

Toyota FT-Bh Concept

Source: Toyota