Toyota has presented the GT 86 TRD Griffon Project, which will make its official debut at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The car is modified specially for track driving. It comes with a TRD mechanical differential instead of the stock Torsen unit, while the final drive ratio has been shortened to 4.8:1.

Other modifications include new oil cooler, coilover suspension and TRD monoblock calipers with race-spec brake pads.

The car has gone through a massive weight reduction. Overall, 277 kg (500 lbs) has been shaved of the vehicles weight. This means a curb weight of the GT 86 TRD Griffon Project – 1,034 kg (2,279 lbs).

The exterior features carbon fiber doors, hood, roof, rear wing and boot lid, while the rear diffuser, front wing and bumpers are made from CFRP. The stock glass windows have been replaced by lighter polycarbonate units. The GT 86 now sits on 18" alloys wrapped around in Yokohama Advan performance tires.

The interior comes with a bucket seat, MOMO steering and other TRD upgrades like gauges, push start switch and gearshift knob.

Check out the full specs and equipment below!

Base vehicle


Vehicle Type


Vehicle dimensions (Mm)

Height Overall width 1,800 × 1,235 4,334 × length

Weight of vehicle

1,034 kg or more


2,570 mm

Minimum ground clearance

No low road, per pole test car based minimum ground clearance

Tread [before]


Tread [after]


Tire size [before]


Tire size [after]



1,998 cc

Drive system

[Rear-wheel-drive system] 2WD


6-speed MT

Maximum output target value [] (KW [ps] / rpm)

147 [200] / 7,000

Maximum torque value [target] (N · m [kgf · m] / rpm)

205 [20.9] / 6,400 ~ 6,700


Original design front bumper made of GFRP
Hood made of CFRP
Original design front fenders GFRP (wider)
Doors made of CFRP
Side mirror for racing
Roof made of CFRP original design
Trunk hood made of CFRP
Original design rear bumper made of GFRP
Original design rear diffuser made of GFRP
Rear wing made of CFRP
Triangle window polycarbonate
Polycarbonate side windows
Quarter polycarbonate window
Polycarbonate rear window


TRD bucket seat
MOMO steering
TRD shift knob
TRD Push Start Switch
TAKATA seat belt
TRD oil temperature gauge
TRD oil pressure gauge
Water temperature gauge TRD

Functional component

Exhaust muffler original manufactured / titanium (out center)
EX manifold / Original stainless manifold
Clutch cover / TRD
Clutch disc / TRD metal disk
TRD mechanical LSD
Final gear into 4.8
Differential oil cooler improved cooling
Diff carrier bush mount reinforced rubber hardness
KW shock
KW Spring
TRD stabilizer
Into pillow ball upper mount
Front lower arm from strengthening
Front lower arm bush Fr reinforced rubber hardness
Front lower arm bush into Pirro reinforced rubber hardness Rr
Reinforcement from the rear suspension member
Rear upper arm bush Fr reinforced rubber hardness
Lateral link arm from strengthening
Lateral link arm bushings rubber hardness enhancement
Trailing link enhancement products
Fr trailing link bushing rubber hardness enhancement
Rr trailing link bushing rubber hardness enhancement
Adjustable Toe Control Rod
Toe Control Rod Bush reinforced rubber hardness
Suspension Mount Bush Fr members into Ridjiddo
Suspension Mount Bush Rr members into Ridjiddo
TRD Monobloc caliper kit & Original set of brake pads (Brembo)
RAYS TE37SL 18inch 9.5J +45 wheel

Source: Toyota