Here's a video from Lamborghini of two quite brisk headlights. It's actually a teaser video from the Bologna company regarding the upcoming reveal of... something. Most likely, it'll be called the the Lamborghini Unica. But, there's a lot speculation going around. Some say it will be the Aventador J Speedster – a Spyder version/concept of the Aventador. Recently some photos have also been circulating the web showing a completely topless Aventador rendering.

In any case, if the the Unica/J Speedster has anything to do with the current Aventador LP 700-4, we should be expecting at the very least a V12, 6.5 liter engine developing 700 units of horsepower and nearly 700 Nm of torque. Hope you like windy weather.

A premiere at the Geneva Motor Show tomorrow will most likely substitute speculation with awe (we hope so). Obviously you can also follow the events on Twitter.

On a side note, Unica roughly translets from Italian into "the one and only" or 'unique' if you will.

Source: Lamborghini via YouTube