Vauxhall Corsa VXR Blue Edition is the latest addition to the striking, newly-styled Corsa range, which boasts even more flavor, details and sporty styling. Offered at exclusively tempting price tag - 19,425 GBP (including VAT), the Vauxhall Corsa VXR Blue immediately undercuts its direct rivals (Citroen DS3 R and Mini Cooper Works) by up to 3,600 GBP.

In the terms of exterior styling, the Corsa VXR Blue benefits from brand-new Arden Blue metallic finish, sleek 18-inch lightweight alloys, dark-tinted glass, "Eagle-Eye" headlamps, as well as a blue-colored signature bar across the grille. A set of deep in-set fog lamps, a wider and more prominent grille and a low, sculpted front spoiler add even more sporting feel and value to the compact hatch.

Entering the cabin, the compact eye-catcher showcases new, blue stitching on the leather steering-wheel, matching finish on the air-vents and comfortable Recaro seats.

Scheduled to hit the brand's dealers in late February, the Corsa VXR Blue gets its power by a lightweight 1.6-liters Turbo plant with 192 horsepower, thanks to which, it records time of just 6.8 seconds for the classic 0-60 mph sprint time, while accelerating to a top speed of 140 mph. An overboost feature is also included in the ride's package, offering increase in the maximum torque of 260+Nm when needed.

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