2019 Volkswagen e-BeetleVolkswagen Group Components team presents a neat concept along with its partner eClassics for the electrification of the prominent Beetle. The project incorporates new parts and classic schemes, with the idea being that the vehicle remains the same in terms of expression and character, but also featuring some contemporary technologies and gadgets.

The technical basis for the idea is provided by tested production parts from VW's new e-up! model. As a result, the electric engine and the 1-speed gearbox are produced in Kassel, while the battery system and other electric power components are supplied from Brunswick.

2019 Volkswagen e-Beetle

The components would generate a total of 82hp and a capacity of 2.6kWh for the lithium-ion battery. And despite of the new total weight of 1,280kg, the e-Beetle can accelerate to 50km/h in mere four seconds and from 0 to 80km/h in just over 8 seconds.

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In terms of drivable range, e-Beetle can cover up to 200km – a rather impressive distance, given that this is not a high-end machine, nor is it a high-performance one. What is also cool about this vehicle is that it can store energy for about another 150km with a single charge for one hour. Sounds good, right?

2019 Volkswagen e-Beetle

2019 Volkswagen e-Beetle

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Source: Volkswagen Group Components