2019 Volkswagen ID. BUGGYVolkswagen team introduced the audience at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show to the ID.BUGGY. Inspired by the classic Californian dune buggies of the 60s, the new concept machine showcases versatility and enhanced driving capabilities. Let's find out more!

ID.BUGGY is both futuristic and retro. The MEB chassis incorporates a 62kWh lithium-ion battery into the floor and a 201hp electric motor at the rear that adds a nice range of 155 miles on the WLTP cycle. The vehicle also features a minimalistic design. This feature adds to the classic beach cruising.

And as any machine from the 1960s, ID.BUGGY is versatile. Extremely versatile. As all buggies from that era, the new guy comes with high degree modular variability – based on the chassis of the legendary Beetle with a four-cylinder boxer engine.

2019 Volkswagen ID. BUGGY

The ID.BUGGY is a pure 2-seater. It can also be quickly converted to a 2+2 seater. There could also be added one more electric motor to the front axle in order to make the four-wheel drive possible. Furthermore, BUGGY's modular design allows for the composite upper body to be detached from the MEB chassis, opening up endless possibilities for third-party manufacturers, as the original Meyers Manx kit did for the first buggies.

Exterior design

2019 Volkswagen ID. BUGGY

Just like the classic models, ID. BUGGY doesn't come with a grille, but it is still instantly recognized as a Volkswagen model. The machine comes with a raised hood, fenders and tail end hint at the concept's off-road chops, while the three-dimensional oval LED headlights and taillights and the LED VW logo contribute to the notable and memorable design.

Furthermore, ID.BUGGY is geared with standard 18-inch wheels and BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A off-road tires (255/55 at front and 285/60 at rear). The machine also features a solid aluminum underbody guard and aluminum side sill panels.

Interior design

ID. BUGGY features a minimalistic interior with easy handling and waterproof materials. All components support the exterior and are continuation of the body, covered in Fern Green, while the majority of the interior trim is finished in Grey Tech Blue soft-touch paint.

Drivetrain system

2019 Volkswagen ID. BUGGY

The zero-emission drivetrain of the ID. BUGGY is composed of electric motor integrated in the rear axle, power electronics, a single-speed gearbox and high-voltage flat battery are arranged in the car floor in order to safe space. This electric motor delivers a total of 201hp and maximum torque of 228lb-ft.

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Also, as an alternative to the rear-wheel-drive layout, it is also possible to fit a second electric motor in the front axle. By doing so, an electric propshaft would distribute the power of the 4Motion four-wheel drive between the front and rear axles in mere seconds.

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