Volkswagen ID. BUDDYInterior Design, a leading design publication, website and events brand, has named the Volkswagen ID. BUGGY concept winner of the Automotive Design category in the 2019 Best of Year Awards. Now in its 14th year, Interior Design's Best of Year honors and recognizes the most significant works of designers, architects and manufacturers from around the globe.

The ID. BUGGY prevailed in a category of five competitors. All other nominees in the Automotive Design category were from luxury and exotic automotive brands.

The ID. BUGGY concept

Just like the classic Beetle and Bus, ID. BUGGY has no need for a grille, and yet the summer cruiser is instantly recognizable as a VW machine. The raised hood, fenders and tail end hit at the concept's off-road spirit, while the 3D oval LED headlights and taillights, LED VW logo and the body seem to float above the chassis. The top half of the vehicle is painted in matte Fern Green, while the bottom portion is finished in Grey Tech Blue.

In terms of interior, VW designers have decided to go for the minimalistic approach and have characterized ID. BUGGY by easy handling and waterproof materials. The majority of the interior trim is finished in Grey Tech Blue soft-touch paint. The driver and passengers sit on seats with head restraints and safety belt guides integrated into the backrests, while the floor plate is outfitted with anti-slip knobs.

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In terms of the drivetrain system, the ID. BUGGY features a zero-emission engine with an electric motor integrated into the rear axle, power electronics, a single-speed gearbox, and a high-voltage flat battery (62kWh) arranged in the car floor to save space, and the additional units integrated into the vehicle front end. The electric motor generates a total of 201hp and maximum torque of 228lb-ft from standstill. This setup is specially designed in order to ensure that the electric vehicle provides enough power to the rear axle, even off the paved road. With performance acceleration on paved slopes, the concept car can sprint from 0 to 100km/h in 7.2 seconds. The top speed is electronically limited to 178km/h (99mph).

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