Volkswagen e-Co-Motion Concept will be unveiled at Geneva International Motor Show next week. The transporter concept vehicle has a large cargo capacity but at the same time is compact and maneuverable.

It has 800 kilograms of payload, but still manages to deliver zero emissions on the road thanks to its electric drive system. This special Volkswagen model is exclusively conceptualized with an electric drive, and in addition has great vehicle properties: high maneuverability with a small vehicle footprint, very good visibility and seating ergonomics with easy entry, exit and walk-through, a low cargo floor height and large cargo capacity.

As one can see, the exterior of the e-Co-Motion combines what at first appear to be contradictory development specifications: maximum space on a minimal vehicle footprint. It has a length of just 4.55 m, width of 1.90 m and height of 1.96 m.

This concept delivers maximum cargo capacity of 4.6 m3 and an 800 kg of payload thanks to the lower driving-relevant zone containing an underfloor drive unit, battery and gearbox; and an upper superstructure that is relevant to delivery tasks.

The result is that there are present ideal conditions for maximum space use and all sorts of body versions and customer solutions. For example, it can be a driver's cab in front of a cargo box or a passenger shuttle, low platform or refrigerated box.

Source: Volkswagen