2018 Volvo Cars Safety Features Volvo Cars, the well-known Scandinavian vehicle manufacturer and the leader in truck making Volvo Trucks are incorporating a special system that shares real-time data to update the connected safety technology. This is a cloud-based system that would allow inner vehicle data gadgets to communicate with each other and alert drivers for upcoming road hazards.

This is the first time that Volvo team is doing such a collaboration with another company. The partnership itself also showcases a step forward towards achieving the next stage of road safety. In fact, since the beginning of the year, live and anonymous data is shared between different Volvo trucks and sold across Sweden and Norway.

2018 Volvo Cars Safety Features

As you know, Volvo Cars sets goal for improving the overall safety on the road and it is famous for installing its safety systems in its machines and always setting higher standards for pleasurable and safe driving experience. For example, the Swedish manufacturer is the first to install Hazard Light Alert technology in the world of automotive industry. It sends signal to all nearby Volvo cars, connected to the cloud service once the vehicle has switched to hazard light. Available since 2016, it is part of the standard feature for all 90 and 60 series.

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Volvo Cars has a strong history of sharing safety knowledge with others in the interest of saving as many lives as possible. In 1959, Volvo opened the patent for the three-point seatbelt to all other car makers, saving an estimated one million lives to date. And this is how you change the world of automobile industry!

2018 Volvo Cars Safety Features

Source: Volvo Cars