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dmc adds gt package to mclaren mp4 12c velocita se

DMC Adds GT Package to McLaren MP4 12C Velocita SE

The tuners at DMC are famous for their luxury projects based on supersports cars. Their focus is mainly on Lambos, but from time to time they like to do some work on McLarens. And if you remember the MP4 12C "Velocita" Special Edition project, then now you should be excited since the specialists have developed an addit

it's official: mclaren 675lt redefines notions of beauty and power

It's Official: McLaren 675LT Redefines Notions of Beauty and Power

McLaren 675LT is finally revealed! Set to make its debut in less than a week in Geneva, the car is destined to change some standards in the automotive world. Lightweight, optimized, aero and powerful, the coupé only 675LT is fully road legal and capable of 2.9 seconds 0-100km/h acceleration time. The 200 km/h barrier is broken in 7.9 seconds, focusing on the next goal – the 330 km/h top speed and going beyond it. The new McLaren model is al

geneva to see the birth of limited production mclaren p1 gtr

Geneva to See the Birth of Limited Production McLaren P1 GTR

McLaren P1 GTR will premiere alongside the recently announced McLaren 675LT at the Geneva Motor Show on 3rd of March. The car will be dressed in a special livery inspired by iconic McLaren F1 GTR, chassis #06R, making it a very special limited edition. The new design of the supercar pays tribute to the historic yellow and green #06R F1 GTR which was one of the five F1 GTRs that dominated the 24 Hours of Le Mans 20 years ago. There will be only

mclaren 675lt official image leaked

McLaren 675LT Official Image Leaked

After two teaser videos of the most – anticipated car produced by McLaren right now (the first video showing spinning wheels accompanied with relaxing classical music and the second one revealing the blasting sound of the vehicle), now there is a leaked image of this upcoming beast. Being a reference to the 1997 McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail, the new McLaren 675LT is said to inherit the spirit of its legendary predecessor. Featuring a sufficiently transformed rear end, the 675LT promises

hear the new mclaren 675lt roar! [video]

Hear the new McLaren 675LT Roar! [VIDEO]

McLaren 675LT is the first McLaren in almost two decades that wears the LT designation. The latter stands for “Longtail” and this means that it promises to keep the spirit of its iconic predecessor. The car is aerodynamically optimized, and in fact the active ‘Longtail’ Airbrake contributes to a 40 percent increase in overall downforce in comparison to the 650S. Both cars will be sitting alongside in the McLaren Super Series. As the name suggest, the total power output of the model is of 675 hp, while t

mclaren mso 650s project kilo: the carbon king

McLaren MSO 650S Project Kilo: The Carbon King

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) has presented the mind-blowing 650S Project Kilo model. Every now and then, the company likes to dazzle and boast around with their one – off creations and every time they decide to show something new, the result is just unbeatable. According to McLaren this is “one of the most personalized, bespoke projects that MSO have undertaken to date.” McLaren MSO 650S Project Kilo becomes a carbon-crazed automotive terminator which has been fitted with carbon fiber roof, rear

mclaren and honda ready to make history with mp4-30 [video]

McLaren and Honda Ready to Make History with MP4-30 [VIDEO]

McLaren-Honda has just exclusively revealed their new racing car, dubbed MP4-30. The car is going to compete in the upcoming 2015 FIA Formula One (F1) World Championship. It is driven by the newly developed 1.6 litre V6 engine (RA615H) developed by Honda. The MP4-30 is an important first step as McLaren and Honda progr

mclaren 675lt with a devilish 666 hp [video]

McLaren 675LT with a Devilish 666 HP [VIDEO]

Set to make its premiere in Geneva, the newest McLaren product has already received its name and it is McLaren 675LT. The car inherits the spirit and ethos of its iconic predecessor  “Longtail’ but will combine it with blistering aerodynamics, optimized performance as well as increased downforce and reduced weight. This modern interpretation of the 1997 McLaren F1 GTR Longtail promises to be the "lightest, the quickest, and the purest version of the range." The automaker has made it clear that the mode

rowan atkinson selling his mclaren f1 for £8 million

Rowan Atkinson Selling his McLaren F1 for £8 Million

Rowan Atkinson, most-commonly known as Mr.Bean, has decided to “break up” with his splendid McLaren F1. The end of the “affair” is marked by the screaming sum of £8 million for which the vehicle is being sold by luxury dealer Taylor & Crawley based in London. The 60-year-old actor bought the sports

mclaren 650s le mans: when history cannot be forgotten

McLaren 650S Le Mans: When History Cannot Be Forgotten

Quoting McLaren Automotive, “every one of the 106 models of the McLaren F1 built has a story to tell." A story which often begins with „Do you remember the time when...“ and continues with the reveal of a memory of something that deserves to be fixed and preserved in time. Twenty years after the the cheque

production mclaren p1 gtr debuts in geneva [video]

Production McLaren P1 GTR Debuts in Geneva [VIDEO]

We had a glimpse of the interior of 2016 McLaren P1 GTR, and it is now time for the motorsport oriented company to show us little more. With the news that a production-intended P1 GTR is coming to Geneva, McLaren has also revealed pictures from the testing at global circuits in Europe and the Middle East. There is also

dmc mclaren mso mp4 is capable of 660 hp?

DMC McLaren MSO MP4 is Capable of 660 HP?

MSO or McLaren Special Operations produces company’s finest products. One of them, the MSO MP4 has been refined by the luxury tuning specialists at DMC. The elegant styling and performance packages that they have created are in perfect harmony with the original MP4 design. They are made with materials such as carbon fiber (for the body kit), titanium (for the exhaust system), and exclusive Italian Leather (for the interior). Although the front bumper could receive a front lip, DMC decided to leave it uncha