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mclaren 675lt with a devilish 666 hp [video]

McLaren 675LT with a Devilish 666 HP [VIDEO]

Set to make its premiere in Geneva, the newest McLaren product has already received its name and it is McLaren 675LT. The car inherits the spirit and ethos of its iconic predecessor  “Longtail’ but will combine it with blistering aerodynamics, optimized performance as well as increased downforce and reduced weight. This modern interpretation of the 1997 McLaren F1 GTR Longtail promises to be the "lightest, the quickest, and the purest version of the range." The automaker has made it clear that the mode

rowan atkinson selling his mclaren f1 for £8 million

Rowan Atkinson Selling his McLaren F1 for £8 Million

Rowan Atkinson, most-commonly known as Mr.Bean, has decided to “break up” with his splendid McLaren F1. The end of the “affair” is marked by the screaming sum of £8 million for which the vehicle is being sold by luxury dealer Taylor & Crawley based in London. The 60-year-old actor bought the sports

mclaren 650s le mans: when history cannot be forgotten

McLaren 650S Le Mans: When History Cannot Be Forgotten

Quoting McLaren Automotive, “every one of the 106 models of the McLaren F1 built has a story to tell." A story which often begins with „Do you remember the time when...“ and continues with the reveal of a memory of something that deserves to be fixed and preserved in time. Twenty years after the the cheque

production mclaren p1 gtr debuts in geneva [video]

Production McLaren P1 GTR Debuts in Geneva [VIDEO]

We had a glimpse of the interior of 2016 McLaren P1 GTR, and it is now time for the motorsport oriented company to show us little more. With the news that a production-intended P1 GTR is coming to Geneva, McLaren has also revealed pictures from the testing at global circuits in Europe and the Middle East. There is also

dmc mclaren mso mp4 is capable of 660 hp?

DMC McLaren MSO MP4 is Capable of 660 HP?

MSO or McLaren Special Operations produces company’s finest products. One of them, the MSO MP4 has been refined by the luxury tuning specialists at DMC. The elegant styling and performance packages that they have created are in perfect harmony with the original MP4 design. They are made with materials such as carbon fiber (for the body kit), titanium (for the exhaust system), and exclusive Italian Leather (for the interior). Although the front bumper could receive a front lip, DMC decided to leave it uncha

mclaren special operations introduces mso defined division

McLaren Special Operations Introduces MSO Defined Division

McLaren Special Operations or more commonly known as MSO has announced the release of MSO Defined division which offers individual personalization options for the McLaren 650S and the 625C. This marks the start of the first of five personalization and support options offered by MSO. The newly formed division joins the

mclaren 650s claims awards on three continents

McLaren 650S Claims Awards on Three Continents

After obtaining three prestigious titles in just one week, the McLaren 650S has achieved further global praise. This innovative car was recognized as the ‘Best Supercar’ in the Middle East Car of the Year awards, followed shortly after by winning the coveted ‘2015 China Performance Car of the Year’ title. But this is not all, my friends. This McLaren triumphed as ‘Scottish Sportscar of the Year’ too. The award was bestowed by the highly regarded Association of Scottish Motoring Writers. Apparen

mclaren teases

McLaren Teases "Black Swan" Sports Series Again [VIDEO]

The black swan is a symbol of a moment that completely changes the way we look at the world. The new McLaren Sports Series which is debuting on the world stage in 2015 is the next black swan moment for the brand. We have already seen the first teaser image and the video, and now McLaren has introduced the second photo

mclaren to call its next sports series black swan?

McLaren to Call its next Sports Series Black Swan?

No, don’t worry. There is absolutely no chance for McLaren to call its new vehicle Black Swan. Instead, it will be probably dubbed McLaren P13 Sports Series, and more importantly, the company has just officially released a first teaser image of the front of the upcoming racing machine. “Black swan moments” is onl

mclaren p1: the air-slicer

McLaren P1: The Air-Slicer

As they say in the video; “For years cars have been basically the same but this really isn't. It’s a game-changer, a genuinely new chapter in the history of motoring.” This is McLaren P1. It is probably the most mind-blowingly powerful superhero among supercars. It is super economical and fast. Super-fast. In fact, extremely fast. Did I say it was fast? I probably used too many “supers” but one is just not enough when it comes to describing this hybrid monster.Jeremy Clarkson takes th

catching a glimpse of the track-focused mclaren p1 gtr interior

Catching a Glimpse of the Track-Focused McLaren P1 GTR Interior

McLaren finally discloses how the new McLaren P1 GTR will look like interiorly. The revealed insides of this automotive monster really can make a person get goose bumps. It looks like something coming out of Marvel Universe! With its boosted cutting-edge power, dynamic look and excellent performance it is transformed into a machine which is set to become the world’s best track weapon ever. Did anyone say power? More power? How much more

mclaren 625c intended only for the asian market

McLaren 625C Intended Only for the Asian Market

McLaren 625C is company’s first regionally tailored model which aims to conquer the Asian market. The new car promises the greatest of refinement of any McLaren model up to date. This of course will come in combination with the enhanced driving dynamics. The 625C model is being launched in response to demand from customers in the Asian region. The vehicle shares the same visuals as the 650S, but has somewhat more focus on day-to-day usability and comfort. The ProActive Chassis Control and the suspension hardwa