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mclaren f1 #069 concours condition exclusively for sale by mso

McLaren F1 #069 Concours Condition exclusively for sale by MSO

Imagine that you have a chance to own a real new McLaren F1! How cool would it be? You can actually do that (if you have the money and are faster than Shmee 150), since an example of the F1 with chassis number #069 has appeared on the surface. What is even better, it has covered only 2800 miles, which makes it like a new one… well, almost. A little bit of history is necessary here. The F1 is actually considered the model which has rewritten

mclaren 570s coupe safety car revealed. official guard at the british gt championship

McLaren 570S Coupe Safety Car Revealed. Official Guard at the British GT Championship

McLaren is the official Safety Car partner of the SRO-run British GT Championship this season. After the opening round this weekend at the famous Brands Hatch circuit, the car was revealed in all of its opulence and powerful characteristics. McLaren 570S Coupe Safety Car has taken the lead role in safety and management of the field of GT cars. Some of the latter include other McLaren models like the 650S GT3 and the 570S GT4.The vehicle will be o

gemballa breaks the long term sleep with uprated mclaren 650s gt

Gemballa Breaks the Long Term Sleep with Uprated McLaren 650S GT

Gemballa is a tuning company we haven’t heard of lately. However, it is time to spread its name once again because it has published a brand new project based on the McLaren 650S. The supersports car has been slightly modified and features minimal changes, but still it is one to dream of. Starting-off with the carbon fiber body package, it comprises of subtle additions. Such are the new side skirts, which make the vehicle appear much lower an

the one and only mclaren 675lt spider: why do we all love it

The One And Only McLaren 675LT Spider: Why Do We All Love It

McLAREN 657LT Spider was unveiled at the end of 2015 and marked the next chapter in the history of the iconic "Longtail" name. As you might know, the lineup is limited to only 500 units worldwide that were sold out in just two weeks. The latest model is complete respond to all the customer demands: the 675LT Coupe features light weight, improved aerodynamics, enhanced agility and of course, some exclusive additions  that further boost the feel o

mclaren announces the track-only 570s gt4. pricing starts at £159,900

McLaren Announces the Track-Only 570S GT4. Pricing Starts at £159,900

McLaren 570S GT4 and 570S Sprint are the two new models dedicated for the track. They are part of the recently-launched Sports Series and were developed in conjunction with McLaren GT. The bigger news is that the 570S GT4 will also enter an intensive season-long development program in the British GT championship. In fact, the McLaren GT and CRS GT Limited will work with the team Black Bull Ecurie Ecosse (which will compete with the aforementioned

mso to showcase carbon fiber tribute to p1 and limited 675lt spider in geneva

MSO to Showcase Carbon Fiber Tribute to P1 and Limited 675LT Spider in Geneva

McLaren and MSO (McLaren Special Operations) are going to have a strong presence at the Geneva Motor Show this year. MSO division is going to pay a carbon fibre tribute to the P1™ which was recently stopped from production. In addition, MSO will also display a bespoke version of the 675LT Spider which is actually making first public appearance after it was sold in weeks. They will line up alongside the new 650S GT3 racing car and a future produ

mclaren announces plans and details ahead of geneva motor show

McLaren Announces Plans and Details Ahead of Geneva Motor Show

After witnessing one of the most successful seasons for McLaren team, the brand announces further plans. One of the most recent news is that the 650S GT3 will be showcased at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, along with other three McLaren vehicles. Furthermore, the Factory Drive lineup will be refreshed with the 24-year old Come Ledogar. The young driver found that the GT races are more interesting than the one-seater events and now he plans to tak

one-off mclaren mp4-12c high sport expected to be auctioned for more than $1.5 million at mecum

One-Off McLaren MP4-12C High Sport Expected to be Auctioned for More than $1.5 Million at Mecum

The depicted and very rare McLaren MP4-12C High Sport in silver/black/red exterior color is going to be auctioned at the Mecum Auctions’ Kissimmee event next year. The one-off sports car is of course a deed of McLaren Special Operations (MSO), which has an intriguing history making it more and more expensive as the days pass by. What’s the deal here. Originally this High Sport variant of the MP4-12C had to be produced in a limited run

meet the last mclaren p1™ with production number 375

Meet the Last McLaren P1™ with Production Number 375

Say goodbye to McLaren P1, because its 375th and final example was just produced… And that’s it for the P1. This brings the curtain down for the most technologically advanced and dynamically accomplished supercar ever created! If you remember, the launch of P1 was lined with an important aim: to be the best drivers

see and hear the exclusive mclaren 675lt spider [video]

See and Hear the Exclusive McLaren 675LT Spider [VIDEO]

See the birth of the McLaren 675LT Spider – the first of its kind and the second wearing the 675LT badge. This car and its coupe sibling open a new chapter in the history of the iconic ‘Longtail’ name. The sad news is that it will be strictly limited to only 500 examples worldwide. Just like its coupe, the spider

meet the one and only mclaren 650s spider al sahara 79 by mso

Meet the One and Only McLaren 650S Spider Al Sahara 79 by MSO

This is McLaren 650S Spider Al Sahara 79 by MSO and it is unique. Since there is no doubt about that let me tell you more. The car has debuted today at the Dubai International Motor Show as an exclusive to Middle East MSO project. The special model was accompanied by the 570S Coupé and a custom McLaren P1 at the event. Why 650S Spider Al Sahara 79 is One-Off? First, it has been developed by McLaren Special Operations. If you don’t know alrea

mclaren starts training program in order drivers tame the p1 gtr beast

McLaren Starts Training Program In Order Drivers Tame the P1 GTR Beast

The most exclusive McLaren owner experience has taken to the track for the first time at the Circuit de Catalunya , Spain. The debut of McLaren P1 Driver Programme witnessed seven examples of the track-only units. Furthermore, each owner tried out the most powerful McLaren vehicle so far, supported by a trustworthy pitcrew, around the home of Formula 1, Spain. McLaren P1 GTR Driver Programme is a special exclusive membership programme, offerin