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2013 frankfurt international motor show: hamann nervudo based on lamborghini aventador

2013 Frankfurt International Motor Show: Hamann Nervudo based on Lamborghini Aventador

Hamann has exhibited their Nervudo at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The insane project is based on Lamborghini Aventador. The manufacturer in Laupheim, Germany refines the Italian sports car using their own independent body concept and still manages to add some performance as well. The exterior of Nervudo boasts a new new front bumper, two front spoilers and aerodynamic side skirts. There are also a new engine cover, a roof-mounted scoop and a

hamann 2012 bmw x3 f25

Hamann 2012 BMW X3 F25

Hamann has introduced their latest project based on BMW X3 F25. There are a lot of ECU re-maps for the whole engine range as well as styling accessories. The exterior boasts a set of 9J x 21” ANNIVERSARY EVO one-piece wheels fitted with 265/30 ZR21Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R tires. There are also multispoke designs in 9 x 22” size for the front and 10.5J x 22” for the rear axle. The stance is further improved by lowering the ride by 35mm. Hamann offers ECU optimization kits for the

mercedes-benz slr hamann volcano on sale

Mercedes-Benz SLR Hamann Volcano on Sale

Al Ain Class Motors in Dubai offers an almost brand new Hamann Volcano Mercedes-Benz SLR. The super sports car was introduced back in 2008, but this one has only 1,800 km (1,118 miles) on the clock, which means that it is barely driven. The engine 5.4 liter supercharged V8 is boosted to 700HP (515 kW) and 830Nm (615 lb-ft) of torque. 0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 348 km/h (216 mph). The result is thanks to an ECU re-map,  performance exhaust manifolds and an amended belt pulley combination fo

hamann tycoon ii bmw x6 m

Hamann Tycoon II BMW X6 M

Hamann has announced their latest project based on BMW X6 M. The mighty facelifted SAC (Sports Activity Coupe) comes with both – styling and performance modifications. The name of the project is Tycoon II ///M. The exterior boasts a complete aggressive body kit including and new front and rear bumpers, a modified side skirts and extended wheel arches. Other highlights include a carbon fiber front hood, LED DRLs, two rear spoilers and a set of 22” or 23” alloy wheels fitted with ultr

hamann pink range rover sport

Hamann Pink Range Rover Sport

If you have always wanted a Pink Range Rover Sport, here is your chance. The tuning company Hamann has released more details about this striking… and strange project based on the latest Range Rover Sport. The big pink SUV was introduced at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. It comes with a new front spoiler with built-in LED DRLs, a front hood and front wings from carbon fiber, widened panels for the rear wheel wings and door fixtures, and a pair of wide side skirts (+ 80mm). At the rear, t

alpine-white hamann mi5sion based on bmw f10 m5

Alpine-White Hamann Mi5Sion based on BMW F10 M5

Hamann has introduced their tuning package for the BMW F10 M5. The 5th generation of the M5 has grown up but is more conservative. Now, HAMANN turns on the tap again. "Mi5Sion" makes no compromises, and the top-notch racer finally looks how he always was meant to look. The exterior boasts a complete aerodynamics package from carbon fiber including roof spoiler, wings, side skirts and door fixtures. The wide body kit adds 30mm on both sides, along with a new rear apron, custom wheels, front LEDs and a built-i

hamann bmw m5 f10 - it's not tuning, it is styling

Hamann BMW M5 F10 - It's not tuning, It is styling

Hamann has introduced their latest project based on the powerful sports saloon – BMW M5 F10. The exterior is entirely changed, so practically it is very hard to say, what type of car did they used to create THIS?! “Tuning”, is when take a car and make it better – more powerful, more beautiful and stylish

hamann bmw 6-series gran coupe f06 ///m package

HAMANN BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe F06 ///M Package

Hamann-Motorsport has presented further individualisation programme for the BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe F06 ///M Package. The exclusive parts are available only for this model. The aerodynamics components are created to fit perfectly to the original M aerodynamic kit. At the front, a new competition spoiler is added, which brings not only better styling, but additional down-force. At the rear, we can see an insert for the bumper offering space for quad-exhaust system. All other upgrades, which were introduced in 20

hamann blue memor mclaren mp4-12c

Hamann Blue MemoR McLaren MP4-12C

Hamann has announced the Blue MemoR McLaren MP4-12C coming with completely new body kit and nice baby blue paint. The body kit includes a new big front splitter, a pair of redesigned side skirts, upper and side wheel arch ventilation inserts, a bigger rear wing and extended diffuser. There is also a roof air duct and custom rear fender from the rear window to the wheel arches. At the rear, we can see triple exhaust layout. The interior boasts a new upholstery, which is a combination be

hamann fiat 500 with new aerodynamics

Hamann Fiat 500 With New Aerodynamics

Hamann Fiat 500 is a car which you won’t miss easily when it passes by. It is definitely a vehicle which is 100 percent unique and recognizable. It has all eyes on itself and the main reason for this is the work of the designers from Hamann Motorsports. They have designed a very special aero kit for the Fiat 500. It strays away from the conventional lip kit, and in fact the tuning studio fully remodeled the Italian machine with its own wide body kit. For instance, the front bumper includ

hamann bmw f06 gran coupe revealed!

Hamann BMW F06 Gran Coupe Revealed!

Finally the specialists from Hamann have just revealed the tuning they have been working on for several months. It is on the famous BMW 6 series and it carries the name Hamann BMW F06 Gran Coupe. However, the German based tuning company has only released the images of the project, without revealing additional details to the work process. All we know is that this new BMW 6-Series Gran-Coupe (F06) is equipped with a brand new upgrade kit, which makes the BMW looking more astonishing than ever.

hamann bmw 6-series upgraded with m aerodynamic package

Hamann BMW 6-Series Upgraded with M Aerodynamic Package

German tuning company Hamann introduced a special M aerodynamic kit for the new BMW 6-Series – the F12/F13. The BMW itslef has much to offer. The top of the range – the 650i, produces 407 hp (300 kW) generated from its N63 V8 engine. This means acceleration from a stand still to 100 km/h in just less than 5 seco