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2023 dmc lamborghini huracan sto

2023 DMC Lamborghini Huracan STO

German automotive tuner DMC has once again pushed the boundaries of automotive design and performance with its latest creation – a remarkable facelift for the previous generations of the Lamborghini Huracan (LP610, EVO, and Performante), transforming them into the striking new Huracan STO. But DMC’s intention was not to create a mere replica; it was to provide an enhanced driving experience. THE VISION While the actual Huracan STO is a track-focused beast that can be challenging to handle

2022 dmc porsche 992 gt3 “velocita”

2022 DMC Porsche 992 GT3 “Velocita”

DMC, a German tuning company, has expanded its line-up of tuning packages by introducing the latest 992 GT3 to its offerings, marking its entry into the Porsche market. The company has developed an all-new aerodynamic package for the 992 GT3 models that adds a sporty and stylish look to the car's appearance. The package includes lightweight carbon aero front fenders with wheel arch louvers, wide carbon side skirts, and ultra-lightweight carbon fiber parts that replace the front bumper's inne

lamborghini revuelto imagined by dmc

Lamborghini Revuelto imagined by DMC

2022 DMC Lamborghini Revuelto The Lamborghini Aventador will soon become obsolete, and its successor is rumoured to be called Revuelto. German Tuner DMC has made itself a name in the Lambo World, so it comes as no surprise that their designers are already working on how the new car could potentially look like – including some of their own DNA touches. But let’s first recap what we know about the car that is supposed to replace the Aventador: Lamborghini is readying a radical sup

dmc porsche 991 gt3 rs: genuine project made with passion [w/video]

DMC Porsche 991 GT3 RS: genuine project made with passion [w/video]

The beautiful 991 GT3 RS gets a worthy pack I love exclusive projects, especially involving passionate designers with taste for simplicity and class. An example is the DMC luxury studio, which is mostly famous for its tuned Lamborghinis and exhilarating Ferraris. Their latest work of art however, has been based on brand rather unexpected: Porsche. The 991 presented here wears the custom pack proudly, because it immediately stands out. What does it comprise of? First to mention is the r

one-off lamborghini huracan spotted in hong-kong [w/video]

One-off Lamborghini Huracan spotted in Hong-Kong [w/video]

Features new design wrap as well as aggressive DMC Carbon Fiber package It is all about luxury when it comes to Lamborghini. Besides the speed, of course. But the most controversial fact is that the Lambo owners always want more luxury, more speed and more… in general. Hence, companies such as DMC have been emerging and offering what is being looked for. The Lamborghini Huracan LP610 you see in the gallery and video below is a special Cairo Edition made by DMC. It has been spotted in Hong

dmc ferrari 488 gtb orso offers more power and charm than you could expect!

DMC Ferrari 488 GTB ORSO offers more power and charm than you could expect!

DMC Ferrari 488 GTB ORSO is the newest project by the German specialists at the luxury tuning studio. The choice of the car used as a basis is not accidental. In fact, when Ferrari debuted the 488 GTB, there was equal amount of people who liked it and other who didn’t. The reason for this controversy was of course, the twin turbo charged V8 engine. It was away from the classic natural aspirated engine. This is why, the tuning experts decided to improve the aerodynamics as well as the power of th

dmc finds simplicity with the new lamborghini huracan [w/video]

DMC Finds Simplicity with the new Lamborghini Huracan [w/video]

The newest project of the tuning experts at DMC is called Simplicity. And this of course is for a reason. Based on the Lamborghini Huracan LP610, this supercar instead of being equipped with a full aerodynamic custom made kit, features only two parts of the package. But just like the vehicles that wear the complete DMC kit, especially the Limited Editions, this “partially” tuned Lambo looks just as great. The model depicted on the photos, which you can see in or gallery below, wears only DMC’

dmc shows winged huracan lp610 cairo edition

DMC Shows Winged Huracan LP610 Cairo Edition

DMC has just sent us their latest project and we are impatient to show it to you. It involves the Lamborghini Huracan and it stands under the designation LP610 Cairo Edition.  The special project was made by DMC’s division in the Middle East. The photos you see in this article are product of the work of the photographer Hexham Alsaigh. Although it is not as grandeur as the previous DMC Huracan with 1088HP, this one has its advantages. Wing with Three Settings One of the most characteristic com

dmc develops stage 4 program for lambo huracan that gives it 1088hp!

DMC Develops Stage 4 Program for Lambo Huracan that Gives it 1088HP!

Lamborghini Huracan Limited Edition LP1088 E-GT by DMC is a great example how a car that is regarded as perfection can strive for more. The tuners at DMC have been obviously busy creating a boost-kit for this Lambo, since it has brand new looks and power under the hood. Luckily, they didn’t change only the power output, but also the E-GT Huracan speeds up faster than before. Follow my thoughts if you want to know more. Stage 4 Kit or the Limited Edition Lamborghini Huracan LP1088 E-GT by DMC D

dmc lamborghini huracan lp-610 gets its stage3 package

DMC Lamborghini Huracan LP-610 Gets its Stage3 Package

DMC Lamborghini Huracan LP-610 has already received its Stage3 kit! You can view the pictures below and enjoy how beautiful this car looks. And it seems that the designers at DMC have kept the changes in perfect harmony with the original design. We all know that when it comes to unique tunings of Lamborghini, DMC is probably one of the best choices. In fact, the specialists at the company were the first to present a complete body kit for the Huracan back in 2014. SEE ALSO: DMC Lamborghini Hu

dmc mercedes-benz g-class g88 limited edition is here!

DMC Mercedes-Benz G-Class G88 Limited Edition Is Here!

So, the German Luxury refiner DMC celebrated its 5th anniversary in Hong Kong. But it also made a gift to itself with the latest and greatest Limited Edition DMC G88 G-Class. In fact, DMC brand is known to refine some stylish beauties like Ferrari, McLaren and Rolls Royce. Now, strangely, the brand decided to tweak the brute force of the G-Class and it seems, the team made a wonderful job. Let's check out what is going on here. SEE ALSO: Mercedes A-Class: Was That Facelift Really Necessary? Wi

dmc shows the creative process behind new huracan project

DMC Shows the Creative Process Behind new Huracan Project

Have you ever wonered what happens when a Lambo falls into the hands of premium specialists like DMC, who work exclusively with luxury cars? Well, to make thing simpler, the tuners has done exactly this: they have released a bunch of photos, showing what happens behind the scenes. Well, they only show the installation of the full front lip, but we get the big picture. Form what we can see from these photos, the next DMC project involves a poisonous green Huracan, which is receiving a new carb