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dmc lamborghini teddy bear edition

DMC Lamborghini Teddy Bear Edition

We all know about the eccentricity of China. After all, there are plenty of bizarre things to see there. Like crocodiles ready for roasting, as well as frogs and turtles… and dried reptile parts sold in Chinese supermarkets. The country also presented to the world Conchita Wurst. No, I’m taking that last one back. It wasn’t China. But still, now it wows the streets of Dalian with a quite strange Lamborghini: Teddy Bear Edition (ha-ha) ! One of the proudest and most sophisticated models tu

dmc mclaren mso mp4 is capable of 660 hp?

DMC McLaren MSO MP4 is Capable of 660 HP?

MSO or McLaren Special Operations produces company’s finest products. One of them, the MSO MP4 has been refined by the luxury tuning specialists at DMC. The elegant styling and performance packages that they have created are in perfect harmony with the original MP4 design. They are made with materials such as carbon fiber (for the body kit), titanium (for the exhaust system), and exclusive Italian Leather (for the interior). Although the front bumper could receive a front lip, DMC decided to

dmc strikes again with the new huracan affari

DMC Strikes Again with the New Huracan AFFARI

DMC tuning company has been actively involved in tuning the beasts produced by Lamborghini for many years now. Its strong passion for renewing and improving a certain model results in outlining enhanced super-cars which really can blow your mind. DMC final products can be seen as a piece of art all of which stand out with their individuality and assertiveness and just point at themselves saying: “Look at us and beat us if you can!” When it comes to Lamborghini vehicles, DMC really knows

dmc reveals lamborghini lp988 edizione gt

DMC Reveals Lamborghini LP988 Edizione GT

It is fast, it is luxurious, it is custom built and it is one-of-a-kind! We are speaking about the latest DMC Lamborghini, which has been recently showed to the automotive world. This particular project is called DMC Lamborghini LP988 Edizione GT and it has firstly received two special kits: the stage one - Molto Veloce, and the stage two - Spezial Version. What makes it so unique and of course – Limited Edition, is the addition of stage thee – the Edizione-GT through which it has become an unex


DMC "Extrem" Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The Mercedes G-Class, formerly know as the G-Wagen is a traditional tough off-roader. It hasn’t changed much since its release back in 1979. The company sets for a new beginning with the launch of Mercedes Benz G500/G65 AMG program. A redesigned  vented front hood had to be added because of the new monstrous new engine with its doubled performance from 385 hp (285 kW) to the unbelievable 700 hp (515 kW). There are, for now 2 different engines. One is a 5.5 litre bi turbo petrol V.8 which

dmc mclaren mp4 12c velocita wind edition

DMC McLaren MP4 12C Velocita Wind Edition

DMC has unveiled their latest project based on McLaren MP4-12C. The name of the project is Velocita – Wind Edition and comes with styling and performance upgrades as well. The pictures in the gallery has been taken at the beautiful french riviera. Enjoy! Otherwise the tuned MP4-12C boasts a complete aerodynamics package made from carbon fiber, a complete titanium sports exhaust system and exclusive Italian Leather on the interior. The exterior has received a new front lip spoiler, cent

dmc lamborghini aventador lp720-4 roadster

DMC Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 Roadster

DMC has presented their latest project based on Lamborghini Aventador. The hyper car has received several nice upgrades including a performance package. The exterior boasts a new front bumper inspired from the Veneno model as well as a pair of carbon fiber side skirts and a huge rear wing. The stunning look is additionally underlined by the extreme rear diffuser and darkened front and rear lights. The tuning specialists also offer a pair of side diffusers and different sets of wheels fini

dmc lamborghini huracan lp630-4 affari [teaser]

DMC Lamborghini Huracan LP630-4 Affari [teaser]

DMC has released another set of teaser images of their latest project based on our new favorite sports car - Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4. The tuning company is going to officially unveil the “Affari” soon, but until then here are some further details. The exterior boasts a complete aerodynamics package including a modified front bumper with big air ducts. There are also new carbon fiber GT splitters and aero-fins. In fact, the look reminds a lot to the powerful and aggressive Aventador. O

dmc teases lamborghini huracan affari

DMC Teases Lamborghini Huracan Affari

The first photos of DMC Lamborghini Huracan Affari have just leaked. They show more details on the upcoming DMC LP630 Huracan, dubbed as Affari. This is an Italian word and means affair, and obviously the tuners don’t have anything against having one with this Lambo. DMC also noted that the internal project code is "STAGE-H1". With this name they make a reference to their Aventador kits, so we must expect a thorough transformation of this supercar. What we can see from these photos is that th

lamborghini aventador lp988 edizione gt by dmc

Lamborghini Aventador LP988 Edizione GT by DMC

Lamborghini Aventador LP988 Edizione GT by DMC looks breathtaking not only because it is a Lambo or it has this vibrant red exterior paint, but also because it was refined to the tiniest detail. The German super-car tuner DMC has added to it a package which is dubbed the Edizione-GT or simply E-GT. And despite the conversions, the car is completely street legal. The major work has been done on the body kit and the engine. The exterior has been painted in a special two tone color, and there have

dmc ferrari 458 italia mcc edition

DMC Ferrari 458 Italia MCC Edition

DMC has unveiled their latest project based on Ferrari 458 Italia Monte Carlo. The sports car has received a carbon fiber package and the project is named DMC 458 MCC Edition. The aerodynamics package includes a new front fascia, a carbon fiber front lip and a side located bumper diffusers. Every bit and piece that can be exposed has been turned into carbon fiber. As the tuning company promises, current 458 owners will love the product. If they don’t want the extreme look of DMC 458 Estre

dmc ferrari 458 estremo and elegante monte carlo editions

DMC Ferrari 458 Estremo And Elegante Monte Carlo Editions

DMC Ferrari 458 Estremo And Elegante Monte Carlo Editions has just been exclusively introduced. The Monte Carlo Styling kit comes to enhance the already existing and popular DMC 458 Elegante and Estremo and to make them even more aggressive in appearance. Although 458 Spyder hasn't even officially launched yet, DMC developed this particular design of the sharp looking white convertible. To go into details, this body kit adds new special look for owners of the Ferrari 458 Italia. It comprises