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sporty and passionate: 2017 mini clubman is revealed!

Sporty and passionate: 2017 MINI Clubman is revealed!

MINI USA has revealed the latest family member: the new 2017 John Cooper Works Clubman. Inspired by the motorsport and rally thrills, the sweetie offers new turbocharged power unit, latest generation of drivetrain system improvements and these sweet visuals. So, let’s check it out! Exterior styling As it comes to exterior and looks, this is a 100% MINI vehicle. All signature features are present: the expressive font eyes, the stupid-looking face, well-proportioned body and tight stance. Al

two fresh models will join the mini family at the new york auto show

Two Fresh Models Will Join the MINI Family at the New York Auto Show

MINI USA will premiere two new vehicles at the New York International Auto Show: the fresh MINI Clubman ALL4 and the MINI John Cooper Works Convertible. With AWD drive and boosted power, the ALL4 is ready for any road challenge, while the beautiful Convertible is by far the fastest and most powerful open-top vehicle, created by MINI. Refined drivetrain system In addition to the AWD drive system, ALL4 also benefits from fine-tuned traction, directional stability and handling. Furthermore, t

the new mini one d clubman: what to expect?

The New Mini One D Clubman: What to Expect?

After the success of the MINI Clubman, launched in October 2015, the well-known brand decides to present to the world the new MINI One D Clubman. Retaining the specifications for the whole Clubman range, including MINI Navigation, DAB, Bluetooth, Cruise control and MINI Connected, the new sweetie will also offer improved driving experience and further enhanced fuel economy, measured at 99g/km CO2 on the combined cycle. But still we wonder what is so special about this one. Let's check out!

maxi-tuner offers special upgrade for 2016 clubman s

Maxi-Tuner Offers Special Upgrade for 2016 Clubman S

As we all know, the latest Clubman model took MINI brand to whole new level. The vehicle has a lot to offer, a lot to demonstrate and a lot to give to customers and fans. But the fun does not stop here. Mini experts from Maxi-Tuner have just demonstrated the MaxPower-performance upgrade program for the Cooper S Clubman model. Thanks to the intelligent control electronics, the MaxPower pack boosts the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder unit from the stock 192hp (141kW) to 225hp (165kW) and 3

mini announces details for the 2016 clubman

MINI Announces Details for the 2016 Clubman

MINI USA announced details for the latest 2016 MINI Clubman. This is by far the most spacious and versatile MINI and it is the first MINI to enter the compact premium segment. This model is both longer and wider than its predecessors and offers premium quality components and exceptional craftsmanship. And like every MINI vehicle, this sweetie will be offered with special bundle packages. This means that customers can decide for which features they will pay. And this has one more positive side

2016 mini clubman will demonstrate style, dynamics and comfort at fiaa

2016 MINI Clubman Will Demonstrate Style, Dynamics and Comfort at FIAA

The sweet MINI Clubman with four doors, five seats and spacious interior is one of these vehicles that bring back style and exclusivity on the road. And now this exclusivity is continued with the latest Clubmaster which is longer with 27 centimeters and is with 9 centimeters wider than the MINI 5 door model. Its luggage volume is further extended to 1,250 liters and the vehicle offers and highest levels of comfort and safety. And for increased pleasure of driving, the latest MINI Clubman offe

mini clubman vision gran turismo: small but furious

Mini Clubman Vision Gran Turismo: Small but Furious

MINI has officially unveiled the Clubman Vision Gran Turismo virtual racecar that will be available in the Gran Turismo 6 video game for PlayStation 3. It is based on the Clubman, as the title suggests, but with the notable difference that it has more distinguished design. Made for the virtual reality, the Clubman Gran Turismo concept is imagined to take its power from an unspecified engine which is capable of delivering 395 HP. This power output is sent to a permanent all-wheel drive sys

believe it or not mini clubman concept has six doors!

Believe It Or Not MINI Clubman Concept Has Six Doors!

MINI Clubman Concept showcases brand’s new design philosophy and vision for a higher class of vehicles. The model is 26 centimeters longer and around 17 centimeters wider than the current Clubman. In addition, the concept is also more sophisticated and elegant. The vehicle is envisioned as a four-door one and sports five seats. As a classic MINI, it features hexagonal radiator grille, Side Scuttles, the Black Band, short overhangs and elliptical front and rear headlights. Clubman Concept is 4

mini clubman bond street to be revealed in geneva

MINI Clubman Bond Street To Be Revealed In Geneva

MINI Clubman Bond Street is set to debut at the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show being generously equipped and including exquisitely details. In addition at the Show, MINI will also welcome the arrival of MINI John Cooper Works Paceman, MINI Hyde Park. The first thing that has to be mentioned about the Clubman Bond Street is that is tailor-made. Exclusive design and equipment features deliver the premium quality of the typical MINI-style. Its Midnight Black metallic paintwork matches perf

yet another mini - the clubvan concept

Yet Another MINI - The Clubvan Concept

At MINI, a plan for an ultimate automotive integration is under development. We already have the MINI Roadster, Convertible, MINI E, Coupe, Countryman, Clubman and now a new concept: The MINI Clubvan – Moving out with style. Set to debut on the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, this fun yet professional MINI is targeted at an audience which, up until now, never had any use of the brand. Simply put, the Clubvan is a Clubman with some more loading space and fewer seats. The cargo area starts at the hind sp

mini to unveil roadster on naias

MINI To Unveil Roadster On NAIAS

The annual North American International Auto Show is an event of unparalleled importance. Set to be open to the public on the 14th of January 2012, it will act as the New Year's Day for the automotive industry. More than 150 companies will showcase their products, innovations and plans for the whole year ahead. 5000 media representatives will provide extensive coverage while around 750 000 members of the public will have the pleasure to moon about amidst lush automotive pieces of art. And now

mac audio mini clubman

Mac Audio MINI Clubman

Here is a discoteque on wheels – Mac Audio MINI Clubman. The specially created MINI received a serious exterior and interior tuning by Mac Audio, who manufacture amplifiers and loudspeakers.  The show car is based on the most powerful version – Clubman S, probably because only this is enough powerful to create electricity for all these loudspeakers. The exterior includes a new matte white paint and some mods by Wimmer Rennsporttechnik team. The tuned MINI now delivers 230PS thanks to an Ecu r